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Video: Who has Bray Wyatt set his sights on now?



Bray Wyatt has a made a career out of picking fights. After bringing The Undertaker back from the dead for WrestleMania 31, “The New Face of Fear,” has his eyes set on a new target. Who is it you ask? How about you tell us in the comments section below.

You know who you are. I’m talking to you [points to the camera and laughs]. You’re entire life has revolved around dedication. But I’m here to tell you, that no matter how dedicated you are, you cannot compete with the forces of nature. You cannot compete with the power of the wind, or the ocean. And you most certainly cannot compete against the greatest power of them all – the fear [laughs]. For it is not your drive for success that molds you, it is your fear of failure. And I know, deep behind your skin, underneath the flesh and bone holds the key to your undoing. Do I have your attention now? Behold, the new face of fear.

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