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WATCH: AJ Styles viciously attacks John Cena on Memorial Day



“John Cena, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.” – AJ Styles

After months away from active competition, John Cena graced us with his presence once again on the Memorial Day edition of Monday Night RAW. He would later be joined by AJ Styles; the two men would engage in a long staredown (one of the greatest in recent history) and we enjoyed every second of it. Eventually, Styles would offer his hand in friendship to Cena before his old friends Gallows & Anderson came down the ramp looking for trouble. For a moment, it appeared that the former 3-time IWGP Tag Team Champions were going after their former friend and his new buddy. That was until Styles began what turned into one way traffic with a clubbing right hand on the dome of the 15x WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately, the highlight below has been edited to take out some key moments of the lengthy assault. Still, it’s more than worth your time.