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Watch: CM Punk goes toe to toe with TSN’s Michael Landsberg



If you’re a sports fan out of Canada then you already know who Michael Landsberg is. If you’re a mixed martial arts fan that doesn’t spend a whole lot of time in or around the Great White North then you may recognize him as the guy responsible for many an entertaining interview with former UFC title contender and current ESPN analyst Chael Sonnen. Or maybe he’s just that guy who looks a lot like the Mystery Man from Lost Highway to you. Regardless, Landsberg recently spoke with the UFC’s most recent high-profile signee, former WWE champion CM Punk, via satellite during an extensive UFC media tour that took place this week. And trust me – it’s well worth your time.

Landsberg didn’t shy away from poking some fun at Punk’s situation. He asks Punk about his wife, A.J. Lee, working for the WWE and if he ever intends to go back. Check out the full interview below.

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