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Watch: Daniel Cormier talks haters, Jones, Bader and more



Daniel Cormier came equipped with his brand new bright and shiny accessory today to revisit the site of his second job at FOX Sports 1 in Los Angeles to talk shop. DC visited America’s Pregame to talk about the “haters” who don’t believe he’s the true champion, Jon Jones getting his “sh*t” together, and Ryan Bader getting the first crack at his belt. Check it out below.

Kenny Florian. Dominick Cruz. Chael Sonnen. Brian Stann. Michael Bisping. Rashad Evans. Gilbert Melendez. I’m probably missing a few. The point I’m trying to make is – these men have all spent time either in the booth or behind the desk on FOX programming but none of them have been able to place the gold on top of it and call it their own. Daniel Cormier is the first analyst that has been able to do so – and he received a hero’s welcome when he entered the FOX lot today.

How’d Cormier become the 13th UFC LHW champion in company history? Relive the biggest moment of his professional career accompanied by his own words below.

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