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WATCH: Jedrzejczyk, Penne engage in rare gift exchange




UFC women’s strawweight champion Joanna Jedzrejczyk has made a habit out of bringing her opponents gifts the night before their fights. Last time around, Jedrzejczyk, playing the role of challenger, brought then champion Carla “Cookie Monster” Esparza a cookie. Only it would turn out that the cookie was expired – just like Esparza’s title reign would be the following night.

Earlier today in Berlin, Jedzrejczyk revealed her crafty side when she gifted Jessica Penne, tomorrow night’s opponent, with a necklace made of dry penne pasta. The necklace was her version of a silver medal; she even made herself a gold medal version to signify what she believes will be her “and still” status after tomorrow’s fight.

Penne came prepared, armed with a gift of her own for the champ in the form of a ring – allegedly the one to “rule them all”. Penne was quoted earlier on the week as saying that the champion reminds her of Lord of the Rings‘ Gollum when she does her now trademark face-off pose. How thoughtful.

Despite the thoughtfulness, neither gift was accepted.

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