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Watch John Gotti III Knock Out Eddie Haws At CES New York



CES MMA, which is already known for their shows in Rhode Island, made their debut in New York on Friday night. The event was streamed on YouTube and took place at The Space in Westbury, and one of the more interesting fighters on the card was John Gotti III. Yes, he’s the grandson of that John Gotti, the infamous New York gangster and Gambino crime family leader. CES didn’t just put Gotti on this card because his last name is notable, either.

He showed up in a big way by knocking out his opponent, Eddie Haws, inside of the first minute of the first round. Haws charged in recklessly and walked right into Gotti’s right hand, dropping him to the mat where he would eat a few more blows before the referee officially stopped the fight.

Gotti’s record as a pro is 2-0 right now after he went 5-1 as an amateur, and both CES victories were first round finishes.  If he continues to take the fight to his opponents and get highlight reel finishes like this, CES might just have a star on their hands, especially with the memorable name that Gotti has.

Journalist and photographer from Buffalo, originally from Jersey. Professional hot take artist.

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