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WATCH: Kenny Omega goes all out with T2 ‘Wrestle Kingdom 11’ entrance



Remember Triple H’s Terminator themed entrance a couple of years back in Santa Clara? It was cute, right? A fun little entrance but certainly nothing you’d write home to mom about. As a teen, one of many, who grew up watching Terminator 2 way more than I probably should’ve, I found it fun that HHH was paying homage to the film on such a big stage like WrestleMania. Then Kenny Omega had to come along.

Kenny Omega’s T2 entrance at Wrestle Kingdom last night wasn’t cute. It wasn’t fun. It was legendary. I don’t remember ever going back to rewatch Trip’s entrance after it initially aired. I’ve already rewatched Omega’s a dozen times less than 24 hours later. He gets it. If you’ve followed the Omega character or listened to his interviews you know how much he appreciates the greatest sequel in the history of film. It certainly showed.

Check out Omega’s iconic entrance below and don’t be afraid to rewatch Wrestle Kingdom 11 in full over at

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