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UFC 197 ‘Embedded’ Episode 3: No rub & tug for Jon Jones




Episode 3 of UFC 197 ‘Embedded’ begins with former UFC and WEC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis doing press in Toronto to promote his main card bout with Edson Barboza. This is the first time we’ve seen the Wheaties cover boy on UFC 197 ‘Embedded’ thus far.

Next up, we join the flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson, in Los Angeles where he continues his media obligations ahead of his UFC 197 co-main event stint. Johnson is business as usual. Small talk, photo ops and on to the next one.

It’s on to Bristol, Connecticut now which means only one thing – it’s time to bring out the big gun. Jon Jones is ready to grace the ESPN studios with his presence and hopefully make this episode somewhat enjoyable.

“I feel ready. Today’s been a long day of media. Lots of similar questions. It’s been a year. Over a year. Fight time, baby. I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. I’m excited to go out there and use my talent.”  – Jon Jones

Now, we’re out to Knoxville, Tennessee which can only mean one thing – OSP. Sidebar alert – is it just me or does anyone else miss Mauro Ranallo on live MMA commentary? “You down with OSP? Ya you know me!” 

Right around the four-minute marker of UFC 197 ‘Embedded’ episode 3 we are given footage of Ovince St. Preux training inside of  the Christian Academy of Knoxville. That’s where we are joined by OSP’s conditioning coach, Nate Hoffmeister, who is the head strength and conditioning coach at CAK. The footage of OSP accompanied by Hoff’s words remind us that anything can happen on any given night – especially when we’re dealing with a freak athlete like OSP who has been in this game for more than a minute now. Do not, I repeat, do not sleep on OSP this weekend folks.

After a solid evening of training, we follow OSP back to his residence in Knoxville where we learn that OSP is very serious about having his mouthpiece on him at all times.

Just after the 5:30 marker we join #1 flyweight contender Henry Cejudo inside of his Phoenix, Arizona residence where he is seen packing for his flight to Las Vegas where he’ll collide with 7-time defending champion Demetrious Johnson in what by far will be the biggest fight of his career.

“I’m on Mexican time. Mexican time is…. you’re never on time.” – Henry Cejudo

The episode closes with the fighters arriving to McCarran International where they’ll take some pictures with fans if they’re recognizable and then report to the fighters hotel to check their weight.

“Just had a five-hour flight. Got a big ole’ cramp in my back. So hopefully I can find a nice massage therapist. No rub and tug.” – Jon Jones

That’s just Jon Jones being Jon Jones. Closing out an ‘Embedded’ only how Jon Jones can.

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