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WATCH: Uriah Hall’s video game combo finisher of Mousasi could earn upset and KO of the year




It seems like a lifetime ago since Uriah Hall (12-5) broke the internet on season 17 of TUF. Following that spinning hook kick of Adam Cella that earned him KO of the season honors, the man who was known as the ‘most feared’ man in the house has never quite lived up to the hype during his UFC career. Last night, the UFC’s top underachiever changed everything with one insane combo that looked like something out of Tekken or Mortal Kombat.

Gegard Mousasi (37-6-2), who closed as a -380 favorite – but could be found anywhere between that and -720 depending on which site you frequent, looked every bit the part heading into the 2nd round of the UFC Fight Night 75 co-main event. “The Dreamcatcher” hit one takedown and passed Hall’s guard whenever he felt the need with relative ease throughout the round; Hall may have even pissed off the former Strikeforce champ toward the end of the round when he attempted a couple of submissions that showed absolutely no promise.

Heading into the 2nd round, this fight was going as advertised. Mousasi was cruising but you simply could not count out Hall due to his freaky spinning techniques and power.

In the 2nd, it appeared that Hall no longer had Mousasi’s respect. Maybe he just got a little too comfortable after putting a beating on his opponent in the first, or maybe Hall is just a freak of nature who has one of the most dangerous arsenals in the sport.

The spinning back kick that Hall threw as Mousasi was going in for a takedown happened so fast and landed so clean that it demands multiple views to even fathom its greatness. Mousasi, as tough as he is – he’d never been finished by TKO or KO in his previous 43 pro fights and the man has fought anyone and everyone – didn’t go down like any normal man would’ve after eating Hall’s deadly kick. Since that wasn’t enough, Hall’s killer instinct shined through as he landed a flying right knee on the wobbled Mousasi before following with nearly a couple dozen unanswered strikes as the referee repeatedly flirted with stopping the fight. When it was finally over, those 25 seconds of the 2nd round earned Hall an extra $50K bonus, the biggest victory of his career, one of the greatest KO’s inside the walls of one of the most storied buildings in MMA history and so much more.

No matter what Hall did or who he beat, it seemed like it would all pale in comparison to that spinning hook kick he landed on Adam Cella. Last night, he not only trumped that moment – he pulled it off against one of the greatest fighters of the past decade. Enjoy.

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