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Weekend in Violence Top 10



From One FC 16 in Singapore, all the way to the TUF Brazil 3 Finale in São Paulo, and everything that occurred in between – here is your Weekend in Violence Top 10 for the week ending 6/1/14.

10. Ben Askren scores his 3rd consecutive finish inside of the distance


9. Vincent Latoel swarms Eddie NG for the finish; adds an extra left for good measure


8.Ogle looks to touch gloves, Blanco answers with a flying kick to the grill

7. Backstrom submits Niinimaki with a slick schoolyard choke

6. Major Overall Soccer Kick KO’s Bruno Pucci at One FC 16


5. Warlley Alves sleeps Marcio Alexandre Jr. to win TUF Brazil 3 middleweight title

4. Iuri Alcantara only needs 25 seconds to dispose of Vaughan Lee


3. Mousasi RNC’s Munoz in Berlin

2. Miocic embarasses Maldonado in São Paulo

1.Froch leaves no doubt, KO’s Groves in front of 80,000 in London

Major H/T to ZombieProphet for GIF action

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