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The Americans: Weidman and Rousey are two fighters to get Patriotic for




Looking for something to get patriotic about on this 4th of July weekend? Did you make it through suicide watch after Belgium ousted the USA soccer team this past Tuesday in the round of 16? We have the perfect remedy for fans still in bed from a bad case of World Cup fever.

American champions Chris Weidman and Ronda Rousey will defend their titles on home soil tonight against challengers Lyoto Machida (Brazil) and Alexis Davis (Canada) in Las Vegas. The All-American wrestler out of Hofstra and young Judoka medalist are easy to rally behind. Heck, our country is so great that even Machida and Davis currently reside here. Facts like those are for sissies though. ‘Murica!

There’s something that every good American can identify with when it comes to these two soldiers. Both coasts are well represented (Ronda out of Cali, Chris from NY). The walkouts are iconic; Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” for Weidman and Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” and their ability to finish their opponents are ruthless. Name another fighter in the UFC that has a legitimate finishing move that cannot be defended. It’s unheard of at this level, yet Rousey can finish with the armbar whenever she pleases. Then there’s Weidman. He didn’t just finish the greatest fighter in the world twice, he nearly finished his career.

We’ll likely never get a U.S.A. versus Brazil World Cup final. But we will get Chris Weidman against every top middleweight Brazilian contender. He got through Silva twice. He gets Machida tonight. If he can solve that puzzle then Belfort and “Jacare” Souza are next. It’s like Chael Sonnen all over again except he’s the quiet kind of cocky that actually gets results and doesn’t cheat to win…errr lose.

The 4th of July doesn’t end on the 4th. Every good American knows that. It goes full blast tonight on PPV for UFC 175 tonight, and it continues tomorrow when two more great Americans in B.J. Penn and Frankie Edgar fight on FS1. So go grab yourself some burgers and/or wieners and a couple of ice-cold ones to throw down the proverbial hatch. You can even drape yourself in an American flag Hunter S. Thompson style. It’s fight night, American style. So why not leave you with a quote from one of the greatest Americans of all-time, Dr. Thompson himself: No sympathy for the Devil, keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride.” 

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