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Welcome to ‘The Era of NXT’




Welcome to the ‘Era of NXT’

Ever since the end of The Attitude Era in 2002, there has been an ever present void in WWE programming. From an obvious disconnect from the fans to failing to build and promote fresh characters, the inability to utilize the R rated content from a by gone era seemed to cripple the WWE. At least, until a few short weeks ago when the WWE, particularly Shane McMahon, promised fans fresh content, new talent and more high-profile matches. Shane went on to speak about “The dawning of a new era in WWE” which fans have heard all too many times before and been left empty handed. However, this time, it seems that the WWE is staying true to its word. On a smaller scale at least. But it leaves one to question, how does the WWE plan on unfurling this mass revolution for this “new era”? The answer…NXT.

It’s no secret that NXT has been carrying the WWE on its back for some time now. Smaller venues, fresh talent and shockingly lower ticket prices have all been a factor in creating a massive draw for NXT. This “developmental division” for WWE was founded in 2012 and soon garnered a huge following from WWE fans. By 2015, NXT had transformed into its own distinct entity and produced such talents as Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and even Roman Reigns. There was no question amongst the fans that NXT had surpassed the WWE in entertainment value. However, the WWE didn’t go without notice. They were well aware that ratings had dropped and they desperately needed new talent to help build back a highly depleted roster.

The WWE slowly started integrating NXT superstars onto the main roster. It all started with the “Divas Revolution”. The WWE brought on Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks in an attempt to rejuvenate the now renamed Women’s Division. The integration was a massive success and the WWE wasted no time in hurrying NXT superstars down the ramp and into the ring. Soon talents such as Neville, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin would be added to the main roster. The NXT superstars’ presence was felt immediately. Shockwaves seem to ripple through the WWE Universe. Ratings were on the rise. Fans seemed more attentive to the matches and story lines. The WWE had found its saving grace and it was right under their noses the entire time.

This “new era” continues to be a success and remains in high regards with the fans. With the WWE’s ability to draw in fresh talent not only to the main roster but also to NXT, undoubtedly proves that the company is sitting right where they need to be. This revolution of sorts has also drawn a lot of attention to both the WWE and NXT from outside talent. Most recently, both brands have acquired talents such as AJ Styles and Austin Aries. Both of which were named two of the “hottest free agents on the market”. Acquiring such talent can only assure the acquisition of more top-level talent by both brands. However, it would be no surprise if NXT remained the front runner for fans. They provide a level of entertainment that can’t be rivaled. Not even by its parent company. There has been some speculation on the expansion of NXT and where it could be headed in the future. Regardless, fans need not worry. NXT will almost certainly always remain its own entity. Whatever direction the “developmental division” that ushered in a “new era in professional wrestling” is headed in, you can rest assured, it’s upward and onward.

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