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What’s next for the cast of WrestleMania 30?



It all kicked off on Saturday night when we got to relive the careers of five Hall of Fame worthy professional wrestlers, the most historically important celebrity to ever enter the ring, and one of the greatest managers of all-time. Lita, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), Mr. T, Carlos Colon, Paul Bearer and The Ultimate Warrior all gave us a glimpse into their past with some great storytelling and honest heart baring.

The following night, to kick off WrestleMania 30 itself, we got to turn back the clock once again with the host of the show, Hulk Hogan, and a special appearance from ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and The Rock. It ended with the three men downing beers in true Austin fashion. What a way to kick off this landmark event.

WrestleMania 30 itself delivered on so many different levels. Where a door closed, another one opened right behind it. This was an event that over time, I believe we will look back on as being extremely pivotal in regards to the future of this company from a character and storytelling standpoint. This was an event that was all about the future of the WWE. Let’s take a look at what could be in store for the major players of WrestleMania 30 below. We start with the three biggest winners of the night: Bryan, Lesnar and Cesaro.


• Daniel Bryan: Bryan went through hell and high water to get his WrestleMania moment. And it’s one we certainly won’t soon forget. Now that he’s overcome the odds and beaten everything, and every man that’s been thrown at him the question is – how does the WWE brass get the fans to continue caring about Daniel Bryan. It’s simple. Give him an even bigger obstacle to overcome. Brock Lesnar.

Bryan and Brock both etched themselves into the history books last night in New Orleans at WrestleMania and both come out as the biggest winners of the night. Heading into Extreme Rules, you really couldn’t book a better headliner than this one. The Beard vs. The Beast. You can count on Paul Heyman to start lobbying for this one tomorrow night inside of the Smoothie King Center on Monday Night RAW.

Brock Lesnar: Eat. Sleep. Conquer the Streak. Win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. To continue on what I stated above, Brock’s stock is higher than it’s ever been since returning to the company following his UFC run. Heyman already made us aware of his client’s goals well before his shocking dismantling of The Undertaker. Now it’s time for a WWE title shot. Something Brock hasn’t had in quite some time.


• Cesaro: Cesaro picking up The Big Show and slamming him onto the ground outside of the ring to win the Andre the Giant Memorial trophy brought back memories of Hogan slamming Andre back in 1987. The crowd has already been on board with Cesaro for a while now and a lot of the die-hard fans have been gushing over him for years. This Swiss powerhouse has what it takes to be one of the top guys in the company. He has the move set coupled with the gimmicks to back it all up. For the immediate future a feud with Swagger has to happen. The two officially broke up, much to the chagrin of Zeb Colter, during the pre-show and the only way to close the book on that is to go toe-to-toe a couple of times. Following that, it’s time to make that Intercontinental strap mean something again with a good rivalry. Whether or not that means Big E has to turn or he ends up dropping it to someone else (Bray Wyatt?) all I know is that Cesaro should be in the mix for a title again. The crowd certainly loves his ‘Cesaro swing’ spot and after winning the Andre Giant Memorial Battle Royale he’s hotter than he’s ever been. Let’s keep that momentum going and pair him up with a worthy partner after he disposes of Swagger.

• Randy Orton: Orton looked great during his title run and he looked great at Mania last night. I’m not sure if it’s because everyone looks great when they share the ring with Batista long enough or if being put back at the top of these cards again after being semi-buried following his suspension in 2012. He plays the part of that cold, relentless viper heel so well that it’d be a shame if he turn babyface again after losing the title. I’d love to see him get into a program with Dean Ambrose now that The Shield has gone face. Let’s see Dean defend that U.S. title a couple of times this year.

• Batista: Last I heard Batista’s contract is something like a 2-year deal that doesn’t involve him working year around right? Why not put him into a feud with John Cena and see who the crowd pulls for? Other than that I couldn’t tell ya. The only threat this guy seems to pose is to the health and well-being of everyone on this roster. I’ve never seen a guy botch so many moves and rip so many pairs of skinny jeans.


HHH: Triple H looked phenomenal during his match with Daniel Bryan. His entrance wasn’t so bad either. You have two options here. 1. He gives himself a no DQ title shot against Bryan at Extreme Rules. 2. He goes back to the COO role and lays low for a little bit then comes back for either Summerslam or WrestleMania 31. Either way, I could go on and on about how phenomenal Hunter and Stephanie were in the lead up to WrestleMania 30. Bravo. The business is in good hands for years to come with these two at the helm. Although the fans may not see it sometimes; these two get it.

• The Undertaker: I’m not going to suggest that anyone retire in any professional walk of life unless they clearly look like they are taking unnecessary punishment. Taker looked just fine in his match with Brock. It was an old school war fought at a slow and entertaining pace between two of the greatest to ever step into the ring. Now that the streak is over though you cannot deny that those yearly returns ahead of WrestleMania lose a little luster. However, a rematch between these two at WrestleMania 31 isn’t a terrible idea if he decides to stick around a give it another go.


The Shield: It’s been a fun ride. Every time it seems like it’s going to end these three just grow stronger. It’s hard to believe that the inevitable break up will take place so soon after their face turn. That said, it’s still hard to believe the Brock Lesnar beat the streak. With Extreme Rules, Payback, Money in the Bank (one of them will get a briefcase, count on it) and Summerslam all on deck for the Summer, the company needs some big time story lines. I see the Shield break up being saved for the back-end of those pay-per-views. For now, the Hounds dismantling the New Age Outlaws and Kane with relative ease was probably the best way to get them out of that dead-end program while showing what a force they truly are when their heads are all in the right place. Or in Ambrose’s case, as close to right as it will ever get. For now I’d like to see Ambrose and Orton go at it for a little bit while Regins and Rollins get back into the tag circuit against The Usos. As much as I love seeing these three guys on the same side of the fence, I think we are in for some special moments when all three go into singles competition. They all have some special tools, respectively, and when it comes to shining alone it will be no problem for any of them. Who doesn’t want to see Reigns as the top company babyface squaring off with Ambrose as the top company heel at WrestleMania 33?

• John Cena: It’s time for an old superstar to come back and get right back into the thick of things with all of these important pay-per-views coming up. So who’s it going to be? RVD? Jericho? Sting???? Whomever it is, get them in there with Cena right away. It doesn’t even matter if their face or heel. They’ll probably boo Cena regardless. He defies the whole good guy versus bad guy matchmaking pro wrestling logic.


• Bray Wyatt: I like the Cesaro idea, and even though the Shield versus Wyatt Family feud already happened so recently you can’t deny they chemistry these two factions share. Hell, just give him a microphone and let Luke Harper mumble “Yeah yeah yeah” while Erick Rowan walks around in that sheep mask. Bray Wyatt can do no wrong right now.

• AJ Lee: Will she ever lose that Divas championship? After months and months of picking against her I’m not sure. One thing that I am sure of is that the Bella Twins turning against each other during the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational cannot be good news for AJ. Nikki and Brie are hungry for that title, and if they are willing to go against one another it’s going to be hard for AJ to deny them for very much longer.

image credit – WWE

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