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Why Kurt Angle Belongs in WWE



The WWE Network is responsible for making me miss Kurt Angle. This is a good thing. I had almost forgotten about Angle’s introduction and initial heel run in WWE; it was nothing short of legendary. Oh, it’s true. Searching WWE Network for Kurt Angle is definitely worth your time. In the midst of the Attitude Era, we had a milk-drinking Olympic gold medalist preaching to the crowds about intensity, integrity, and intelligence. Not only was the tracksuit dawning Olympic hero superb on the microphone, but he backed it up in the ring. Soon after his debut, Angle won the Intercontinental and European championships, and dubbed himself the Eurocontinental Champion anglewwe(Randy Orton’s current two-belt entrance should pay homage to Kurt Angle, as he was one of the earliest to rock multiple belts).

Just as he borrowed from Bob Backlund, current WWE Superstars reach into Kurt Angle’s arrogant heel persona to help develop their characters. A holier-than-thou villain who thinks he’s a role model? Hello, Damien Sandow. A superstar shoving patriotism down our throats so much that we boo someone in red, white, and blue? Hey, Jack Swagger (he even uses the ankle lock). While you can’t fault the man for continuing to work, it’s almost a shame Angle is in TNA. Drama surrounding his WWE departure aside, he’d be a phenomenal on-air WWE personality and could even give you a match or two per year. I can hear us all marking out right now over an Angle vs. Cesaro match at Wrestlemania, and that would be well within the realm of possibility. He’d even be a giant upgrade over Brad Maddox, Vickie Guerrero, Booker T or Teddy Long in a General Manager role. When that music hits, it’s something else, and Angle knows exactly how to play a crowd. Imagine if this phenomenal scene was done in a suit, kicking off a RAW as the GM.

I’ll be honest. I hadn’t given Kurt Angle a thought in recent reflections of WWE lore. To be fair, he’s with another promotion, so we don’t get highlights or references on WWE air. I’ve just realized what a shame that is, thanks to the WWE Network. It’s not even that I want Angle inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (that will happen someday); he still has something left in the tank. He’s been seen in casts and a wheelchair recently, but is willing to bash himself up for his TNA matches. Perhaps one of the reasons WWE is hesitant to bring him back is his lack of regard for his own health and safety. If this were the Attitude Era, when Angle thrived with WWE, he’d probably be back doing a TLC match with the Dudleys. The modern day WWE has too much concern (whether genuine or manufactured for PR) for the safety of their roster to bring back Kurt Angle in Tasmanian Devil mode. Whatever the reasons are, I hope they are resolved. I’ve come to realize Kurt Angle belongs in WWE.

We’ve watched CM Punk quit, the YES Movement, and a lengthy Randy Orton title reign. While WWE seems to have turned an awesome corner on their road to Wrestlemania, many feel there is something missing with today’s product. This generation of wrestling fans is tough to please, so I have a hard time believing that everything will be okay when Daniel Bryan wins the title, or if CM Punk returns. Maybe there is something missing in today’s WWE. Maybe that’s Kurt Angle.

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