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Will the rebirth of Evolution be the death of The Shield?



evolutionnewrawWhen Lemmy Kilmister’s vocals hit the loud speakers this past Monday Night in the closing segment on RAW, we knew it could only mean one thing – HHH was going to be involved. The time though, it wasn’t “King of Kings” and it wasn’t “The Game,” it was another Motorhead classic used by a stable that we hadn’t seen together in nearly a decade. Hunter had finally gotten the band back together, and it was time for them to draw a “Line in the Sand.”

Triple H expressed that he wanted to push the tag team division heavily a couple of summers ago. He’s done that, and he’s done it well. Recently, he’s even taken it one step further by pushing factions with The Shield, The Wyatt Family, and now – the rebirth of Evolution.

Evolution can still be highly effective in this faction heavy era of the WWE (there are so many factions nowadays in the WWE that it’s almost starting to resemble Divergent). Although Batista’s return has been met with more jeers than cheers, he works well as the Batista bomb crazy powerhouse opposite Roman Regins. Orton has been as reliable as any in the company since coming back from his suspension. He worked his way back up to the top the right away and while he can lull us to sleep at times, he can also turn back the clock and show us why he’ll go down as one of the greats. Also, the Batista bomb/RKO hybrid is a thing of beauty. Then you have HHH. Call me crazy but I feel like Hunter has been one of the most see attractions of the company lately. He looked brilliant against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30, and every time he enters the ring with Stephanie as ‘The Authority’ I’ve been glued to the television. They hold the WWE universe in the palms of their hands, not unlike CM Punk during his recent historic run.

With Stephanie convincing Corporate Kane to lose the suit and reinstate the mask to go after his old tag team partner, and the Wyatt family having unfinished business with Cena Nation, somebody needs to shake up the recently converted babyface faction known as The Shield. Evolution, sans Flair, is the perfect group for the job.

The Hounds of Justice have taken it upon themselves since their inception to sniff around and stick their collective noses in other people’s business. Whether it be dealing with Paul E. Dangerously backstage to protect CM Punk’s title run, or more recently helping The Authority keep WWE gold away from Daniel Bryan, they’ve always been effective and they’ve always gotten the job done. Now that they’ve been using their powers for good, like it or not it really is the perfect time for a supergroup like Evolution to regroup to attempt to overrun, and even potentially break them apart.

I’ve always been in favor of keeping The Shield together as long as humanly possible. Each member will do great things on their own in singles competition. They will all flourish and do things alone that they could not do together. If you look up any of Dean Ambrose’s old promos from before his WWE/NXT days you’ll see that he can play the top company heel and play it well. Reigns has blossomed right before our eyes into the total package. And the architect of the group, Seth Rollins, has cemented himself as one of the best all around wrestlers in the world. He’s a technical high flyer that continues to push everyone on the roster to the limit. He may truly be the best all around in-ring performer of the group. That’s highly debatable though, and that’s why these guys are so damn good – together. We know once they split, it may not be for good, but it sure as hell will be for a very long time. It’s been nearly ten years since Evolution disbanded.

The unique dynamic between Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose was on full display when the three were at each others throats teasing us with a break up. It would eventually make them stronger than ever. Now, after their recent face turn, I really want to see how things play out with The Shield heading into a jam-packed summer. Extreme Rules, Payback, Money in the Bank (great opportunity for betrayal), Battleground, and SummerSlam are all on the horizon and there is no reason to separate these guys just yet.

When it’s all said and done, The Shield will go down as the single greatest faction of all-time in my opinion. In this modern era of WWE you don’t get days off. Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose are on just about every single show and they bring it every single time. Every member of the WWE universe stands up and looks toward the nearest arena steps closest to them just hoping that The Shield will pass them during their live show experience.

For the near future, we have to ask ourselves the following questions:

Will The Shield fall victim to Hunter and Evolution’s veteran games? Or will The Shield make Batista, Orton and Trips regret reforming? Will Ric Flair re-join the group in a management role? Could we see a fourth member for either faction?

All we can do is wait and see; and all we can do is enjoy The Shield while they last. We’ve never had a faction as creative and cutting edge like this before, and we’re not likely too again. It could all be over tomorrow.

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