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“Will Work For Food!” Five Wrestlers with Food Based Gimmicks You Will Love



Lately my research into my other stories has led me down a virtual rabbit hole of interesting characters and gimmicks spanning the course of the entire globe. None of these characters are more interesting than the multitude of wrestlers with “food based” gimmicks that most might think would be cheesy (no pun intended) and unappealing, but much to my surprise, these characters actually worked and got their edible gimmicks over in their respective promotions. Here are five superstars you will want to cheer on as they simultaneously help you spoil your dinner.  


While not necessarily a food based character in his look, the wrestler once known as Brandel Littlejohn became known as “Cheeseburger” after a segment where wrestler Charlie Haas ribbed him into the nickname during a Ring of Honor segment in 2013. Since then, “Cheeseburger” has flourished, becoming a mainstay in Ring of Honor over the years and even made a recent appearance on Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho” podcast last year. Currently, “Cheeseburger” is working under the New Japan umbrella, proving his talent far surpasses a goofy nickname. Still, “Cheeseburger” is a lot more entertaining than his previous name “Lucha Landa”, though you could call him any silly character name you want to… be it “Scooter”, “Lipstick” or “Gym Membership” and the odds of him getting it over are greatly in his favor.

Curry Man

How can you get an incredibly strange gimmick over? The answer is simple: Dress up the king of the independent wrestling circuit and let him do the rest. Portrayed by one of the most solid wrestlers on this planet, Christopher Daniels, “Curry Man” debuted in 2008 under the TNA wrestling banner. With his finisher, “The Spice Rack”, “Curry Man” was a fun, dancing, entertaining gimmick, teaming up with “Shark Boy” to feud against Team 3D (the Dudley Boys) going into TNA’s Final Destination PPV of that year. Over the years, Daniels has from time to time brought back the “Curry Man” gimmick, but is currently wrestling under his normal “Christopher Daniels” moniker in Ring of Honor and that, in all honesty, makes me ok with the Curry Man costume hanging away in a closet, collecting dust.

Cereal Man

A few weeks ago, I delved into the “Hoodslam” promotion incredibly hard and discovered a 6 foot 4 inch superhero trained by WWE superstar Brian Kendrick. Donning a large cereal box mask and an array of costumes ranging from green superhero spandex down to a single pair of “tighty-whitey” underpants, Cereal Man is always poised with his eerily heroic grin and his patented “sugar blasted leg drop” in tow to combat any foe. If you are reading this list, I believe this is the point where you take a break and “Google” this guy immediately.

Shotzi Blackheart a.k.a “Pizza Cat”

Any day I can include Shotzi Blackheart on a list is a good day. Aside from being one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful women in the sport, guaranteed to make your heart swoon, Shotzi Blackheart is a true entertainer, whether she is wrestling, modeling or displaying any of her various talents. We all felt for her when she appeared on the latest season of “Tough Enough” (as Ashley Urbanski) and was forced out of competition due to an irregular heartbeat, but luckily for her fans, she was later medically cleared, returned to Hoodslam and continues her work independently in many top-notch promotions across the country.

In “Hoodslam”, Shotzi has been known to morph into her alter ego “Pizza Cat”, a feline character clad in a mask where the ears are comedic in the sense that instead of normal cat ears, they have been replaced with slices of pizza. The character is a popular mainstay and you can even purchase “Pizza Cat” shirts at any Hoodslam show. Say no more…Shut up and take my money.

Los Ice Creams

Brought to you by the fine folks at Chikara, Los Ice Creams may be the most intriguing part of this list, as they are the only tag team. Clad in colorful masks and looking like something you would see in a low-budget horror film, my first impression was to cringe. About an hour later, after binge watching as many of their matches as I could, I was an immediate fan, so smitten that I found myself on Chikara’s website with my Visa card in hand ready to give them all of my money in exchange for whatever merchandise a company could make for two ice cream related luchadors.

In one match I watched, a showdown with “The Throwbacks,” Los Ice Creams pluck a female fan from the audience and actually make her part of the match, using her as a prop against their opponent and leaving her with a very cool moment to remember. Chikara is well-known for their crowd participation and family oriented shows where the “holy sh*t” chant is one you will never hear and if someone started it, they “regulars” in the crowd would go out of their way to let the fan know the rules of the show. Between characters like Los Ice Creams and the “fun for everyone ages 2 to 99” “board game” promise type of vibe…Chikara is one of those shows I have to attend in 2017.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this list of characters who would more than likely help you set the table before abruptly putting you through one. For more great stories or if you have any leads or comments be sure you follow me @NicholasGrooms on Twitter.  

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