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WIV 3 Stars: A flying switch kick KO, GGG being GGG & Koreshkov blasting Bendo



It was another action packed weekend in the world of combat sports and below you’ll find the three fighters who stood above the rest in our Weekend in Violence 3 Stars feature for the weekend ending on April 24th, the 16th week of 2016.

1st Star – Yair Rodriguez

This one was easy. It became clear early on in his PPV opener with Andre “Touchy” Fili that Yair Rodriguez, the young featherweight that the kids like to call “El Pantera,” was looking to put on a show for the fans – and put on a show he did. His 2nd round flying switch kick KO will surely be in the talks for KO of the year come late December.

2nd Star – GGG

If you tuned in to watch Gennady Golovkin knock another dude out on Saturday night then you got what you wished for. Like the 34 men before him, Dominic Wade was simply outclassed, outmatched and realized he was way out of his league once he felt the crushing power of GGG. While it certainly can be enjoyable to watch GGG score KO after KO, it’s getting old watching everyone in the sport with name value duck him. And after watching this performance, don’t expect GGG to get a big name fight anytime soon – he’s just too scary.

3rd Star – Andrey Koreshkov

We all knew Andrey Koreshkov was good – did we know he was this good? Sure, you could look at his dominating victory over Benson Henderson as a case of a welterweight beating on a natural lightweight. Regardless, no one was talking about Koreshkov in the lead up to this fight – the big story here was a former UFC champion and PPV headliner making his Bellator debut.

Benson was given the opportunity to pick his debut opponent in Bellator and he went for the 170 lbs champ; that had to have been a slap in the face to Koreshkov. So, he made him pay by delivering him 25 minutes of pain inside of the Bellator cage – a warm welcome indeed.

Honorable Mentions: Demetrious Johnson, Michael Page, “Cyborg” Santos

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