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WOH Wednesday: Kennadi Brink vs. Amber O’ Neal



Hump day AKA WOH Wednesday is finally here and this week’s match finds Maryland’s Kennadi Brink taking on Amber O’ Neal (Gallows). This is the 2nd consecutive week that Brink has been featured on WOH Wednesday for those of you that are keeping track.

If watching this match doesn’t fulfill your WOH fix, do yourself a favor and watch her match against Rachael Ellering from last week.

Also of note, it appears that an actual WOH title may or may not be in the works. I found the following upon snooping on our friend Lady J‘s timeline earlier today:

If you do us one favor today please bombard the @WomenofHonor twitter account (be nice about it) and let them know that these competitors need some gold to compete for. They advertise themselves as “The Best Women’s Wrestling on the Planet,” yet there is no champion to speak of. Let’s help correct that.