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WrestleMania 30 Staff Pick ‘Em



This All-Star cast of 6-horsemen (who all claim to be the Ric Flair of the group) is here to help enlighten, engage and most importantly entertain you for a few moments before the biggest night of the year kicks off. Thanks for stopping by to spend some time with us before WrestleMania 30 folks. Enjoy the show and check out our picks below.


• Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Title Match: The Usos (C) vs. Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans vs. Rybaxel

Dave Reno: The way Jimmy and Jey won the tag team titles off the New Age Outlaws in Chicago last month on RAW was as unexpected as it was well deserved. Now they head into the biggest show of the year as champions, and as the best tag team in the WWE today – they leave it just the same. A nice little kick off match featuring some fun shenanigans sees The Usos leaving the ring with the same tag team title straps they walked in with strapped around their waists.

Matt Addie: Pick: The Usos. I’m tempted to go with The Real Americans, but I actually think this could be the straw that stirs the break-up cocktail for Cesaro and Swagger. It’s about time, by the way; we need to see Cesaro go into singles competition and take advantage of how over he is. I think Cesaro will swing five or six people in this match, but The Usos retain.

Sean Sheehan: This might as well be a straight tag match between The Usos and The Real Americans. Los Matadores are fun but not title contenders. Rybaxel have never been exciting and, despite exciting starts, both men’s careers have fell into obscurity. I’ve been a big Jimmy and Jay fan for a while and was happy to see them get a hold of the straps. The same could be said for Cesaro (hey wasn’t he called Antonio Cesaro? . . Oh, nevermind) and Swagger. Even as a non-American, I love the shtick and think they will deservedly get their hands on the belts just before the big show on Sunday.

Alex Reno: OLE! The Los Matadores gimmick has been a complete failure. You can pretty much count them out. They were relevant for about 2 weeks, and the only thing memorable about them is El Torito. Rybaxel is nothing without Heyman as well, and I’m surprised they’ve made it together this long. This match will ultimately come down between the Usos and The Real Americans. They’ll put on a great show, but I think The Usos will win this match and keep the belt, and with all of the recent tension between Swagger and Cesaro, we might finally see them part ways. Cesaro deserves a huge push to win a singles belt.

Dan Rose: When will the WWE quit abusing and underutilizing Cesaro? He belongs in the Andre match where he can put his strength on display, but no, he’s saddled with Swagger. Let’s be honest, there is nobody in the WWE who is less intriguing than Swagger. He has the tools, but has ZERO draw. Let this split finally take place, and let Cesaro move on to the bigger and better things he deserves. You want to mismanage talent? Put Cesaro in a tag team with Ziggler and witness the best team in the business.

Ok, enough about Cesaro, let’s pick the winner. The Usos are on fire, and they will continue to win holding onto the belts. Love the Usos…they hold onto the belts.

Chris Langevin: Little to no interest in this pre-Wrestlemania match. I’ll just roll a dice to pick or something. *shakes fist* … *throws dice* … it’s a 4. We all lose. (Fine, the Usos win).


• Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational (14-Diva single fall bout)

Dave Reno: AJ Lee’s reign will end at 293 days. The big question is, if not AJ, who will leave the NOLA as Divas champion? Nikki has been getting a monster push of late. Natalya has come closer than anyone to dethroning AJ. Summer Rae and Naomi have taken up a big spot on our proverbial radars by way of some pivotal matches and good, strong screen time on the hit E! reality show ‘Total Divas’. Eva Marie is there for brainless morons to fawn over. So I ask you again – who will leave WrestleMania with that Divas strap? #BrieMode bitches. Brie Bella all day, and twice on Sunday. Especially WrestleMania 30 Sunday.

Matt Addie: Summer Rae. It’s Total Divas season, and with AJ Lee’s title run growing old, it’s time for a change. I don’t see much point in putting this belt around a face right now, so Natalya is probably out (same for Naomi). There are a few performers in this match who can’t perform a wrestling move, let alone carry a title. Summer Rae winning the title would get heat from other Total Divas cast members that feel like they deserve it more. That show is already killing it in the ratings, so this couldn’t hurt. Also, I couldn’t be more thankful that I’ll never have to type or say “Vickie Guerrero Divas…whatever” again.

Sean Sheehan: Not too sure about this one. Word on the street (random dudes on Twitter) is that the WWE top brass aren’t too hot on keeping CM Punk’s future wife as Diva’s champ. But after she was squashed by Naomi on Raw last Monday I’m not so sure anymore. Why would the WWE put it’s champion into a match they are almost certain to lose? Got it in one, because they will probably win. Add to that the fact the WWE won’t want to look like holding a grudge and I think AJ Lee beats the odds to retain her title.

Alex Reno: I will be the first to admit that I’ve been a happier man since the return of Total Divas. The addition of Summer Rae has made it that much greater to watch, even though she’s a complete a-hole. I can’t even remember the last time that AJ Lee was not Divas champion. It might have been when I first got back into WWE a little over a year ago. Anyway, I’m betting that the Championship will come down to either AJ, Nattie, Brie or Naomi. I’ve been saying the belt is Brie’s for the last 5 PPV’s now, so I’ll use my reverse psychology and say the belt is sticking with AJ.

Dan Rose: Ok, let’s be honest, there are legitimately only 3 or 4 divas who can walk out with this belt. I’ll give my take on those and move on.

AJ Lee: The best diva of the lot, she is more than capable of sneaking her way out of this match still clutching her gold. The fact that she doesn’t have to be pinned to lose is troubling, as Brie could run in, make a deal with her sister and win the belt. It won’t go down that way though, the “Total Divas” will play it straight. She’s the favorite to keep the belt, I’d say she’s 3-1.

Brie Bella: Her skills are getting better and better, and her putting the belt around her waist could make for some interesting TV on Total Divas. I think skill-wise, she’s shown vast improvement and a series of singles matches with AJ would be excellent. She’s 5-1.

Tamina – Bodyguard turned champion? Maybe … 10-1

Natalya – Maybe the most credentialed wrestler in the field, and a former Divas Champion in her own rights, she is talented, but for whatever reason, lacks an edge. Her performance on Total Divas is often flat and she seems to lack the necessary mic skills to successfully carry the title right now. That said, she’s a member of the legendary Hart family and has the pedigree necessary to win the match. She’s 10-1.

Naomi – I personally don’t see any conceivable way that she at some point isn’t the champion. Might not be tomorrow, but it should be. She’s 12-1.

Nikki Bella She is a longshot at 15-1

Eva Marie – She’s 20-1 but it would be funny.

Cameron – Longshot 30-1

Emma – Longshot 30-1

Summer Rae – Nope! 50-1

The Field: Aksana, Alicia Fox, Layla, Rosa Mendes, all 75-1

Chris Langevin: I think I have done these predictions for about 5 months now… and at each one I have incorrectly predicted that AJ Lee will lose her Divas Championship. I mean, for as insignificant of a title as it is, she has held it now for SO long. She may never lose it… that’s why I predict that AJ Lee will lose this match. What?! You thought I was going to mess with tradition? Naaaaaaah. My prediction is a Total Diva will win it. I’ll say one of the Funkadactyls, because why the hell not?


• Andre the Giant 30-man Battle Royal

D. Reno: Being an 80’s baby WWF fan who grew up in Detroit…you had me at Andre. Hogan helping us relive that historic night back in 1987 inside of the Pontiac Silverdome made me mark out…hard. With four entrants yet to be named – you can expect some tomfoolery of the legendary variety. When it comes down too it though, it’s all about involving your full roster in the biggest WrestleMania to date. How else could you find a way to fit Zach Ryder and 3MB into the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’?

There are only two outcomes here. You either want to pay tribute to your veteran giant in Big Show, or you want to further push the unique company horse that goes by the name of Big E. I’ll go with Big Show.

Addie: Dolph Ziggler. This might be more of a wish than a pick, but I’m willing to ride with it. This trophy needs to be held by someone who could use it, brag about it, and basically make it worth a damn. Ziggler could absolutely handle that responsibility. It would also be a decent way for them to start this rumored “neglected superstar” angle, with the Show Off being able to claim his dominance over the roster without any love from The Authority. Winner aside, we’re certain to get some surprises here. Chris Jericho, Rob Van Damn, Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Jake The Snake Roberts, or really anyone else you can think of could all potentially show up as an entrant. This should be a fun one.

Sheehan: If Raw is anything to go by, Big Show will win this one easily – but they always tell us that. I like this match a lot. It gives almost every guy on the roster a spot on the top stage as well as immortalizing one of professional wrestling’s legends. I think the last three men involved at the end will be Big Show, Sheamus and The Miz – who WWE seem to be pushing again. I’d love to see Miz win and become a star again because I like him for some reason (and I know nobody else does) but he probably won’t. I’m always a man for a bit of national pride so my pick is Sheamus!

A. Reno: Well, Big Show basically knocked out the entire WWE roster out of the ring last Monday to promote the Andre The Giant Battle Royale Memorial, so he’s definitely not going to win. I completely forgot 3MB even existed until I looked at the match list. The WWE should give all 3 of them the trophy and troll the WWE universe. Also, I have no idea why Brad Maddox is listed as a participant, so clearly he’s going to win the trophy. Nothing else would make sense.


Rose: This one is wide open in my opinion. We don’t know the entire field, and while those names might be exciting, they don’t often win. Expect some fun and a couple big names, and I think it comes down to Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus and Alberto del Rio and a surprise guest. Final 3 … Cody, Rey and Show. It’s going to come down to Big Show and Rey….and dammit, somehow Rey does the impossible and gets the big win.

Langevin: I would MUCH rather have a Money in the Bank match back. That was a way to get 6 wrestlers on the card, with little to no build, and put on one hell of a match. A battle royal where much of the participants are already in the ring, to me, is always just chaotic, and not in a good way. Not much care for this match, so give me Alexander Rusev for a victory. The second straight Wrestlemania that they put over a new guy that hasn’t fought before (Fandango last year).


• The Shield vs. Kane and the New Age Outlaws

D. Reno: Remember when The Shield beat up that cute little trio the Randy Orton, Sheamus and The Big Show at WrestleMania last year? Me neither. In an effort to help bury the faction that has helped carry your company over the past year we will go ahead and pit them against two dinosaurs and a dude no one has cared about since he took off his mask. Hopefully there is something here that doesn’t meet the eye. Either the Shield breaks up and gets us all to blow up social media or they just win and put on a great show like they always do every single night they storm down those disgusting arena aisles all across the planet. You want my pick? If I have to, I’ll take The Shield.

Addie: The Shield. Another match where there’s not much to gain from having one side win. The Shield are in the midst of this new face push, and I don’t expect their momentum to change here. Some may speculate they’ll begin a break-up, but keeping them together as faces is actually working well. I’m looking forward to some crazy Seth Rollins stuff, some Ambrose frowns, and an “oooooooohh-ahhhhhh” from Reigns (not sure how to type that).

Sheehan: I’m not a huge fan of this match but hiding (corporate) Kane in the middle of this is a welcome move away from him having a boring singles match on PPV. Any time The Shield is involved I will be watching. It’s just a pity they aren’t being pitted against The Wyatts – something that probably would have happened if CM Punk was still around *cries*. The Outllaws were great when they came back as faces but I’m not down with them as heels at all. The Shield should run riot here and win this easily with, future top star, Reigns Superman-punching Kane to sleep

A. Reno: Seriously? The Shield deserves a better match than this for a Wrestlemania card. They are one of the only reasons I can still bear to watch WWE lately. It’s getting harder and harder to respect Corporate Kane when he’s consistently losing any match he’s given. But at least the New Age Outlaws will make up for Kane’s lack of personality. The Shield has no chance of losing this match, unless Roman Reigns unintentionally Superman punches himself in the face. Oh yeah, and what ever happened to Ambrose and the U.S. title? Does that thing even exist anymore?

Rose: I don’t fully even understand this match. I don’t care about it, unless the Shield finally splinters and we get Roman’s much anticipated singles run. Not sure why Kane/NAO are WM worthy at this point, so this has to be about The Shield. The Shield either wins or we get some kind of guest run in…or they splinter. Anything else wouldn’t make sense. Shield wins…they have to.

Langevin: It must be good being HHH’s best friends. A few months ago, the New Age Outlaws were novelty items. They were brought out during Old School Raws or anniversary Raws as a way to get the crowd hyped. We all loved it too! Who doesn’t love a good “Ohhhhhhhh you didn’t knoooooow?! YOUR ASS BETTA CAAAAAAAAALL SOMEBODYYYYYYYY!!!” Don’t lie. You screamed it every time. We all do. We all have our best Road Dogg impersonations. The thing is it was fun as a novelty. Now a few months later and they had a Tag Team Championship run, and are now on the main card at Wrestlemania. Jeez… if I’m one of the guys just thrown into the Battle Royal, I’m royally pissed.

*ahem* Sorry… *steps down from soap box*

The Shield win after a Roman Reigns spear. Keeping his push alive and well for the breakup.


• John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

D. Reno: How do you get smarks excited for a John Cena match? Pit him against Bray Wyatt. Surprisingly this one had the greatest build up on the two big network television weekly’s. We all love Taker and the streak but let’s be honest – Paul Heyman did all of the work promoting that match. Here we had Cena and Wyatt going hard and making magic together with the help of the always lovable Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. So will Cena protect his legacy? Or will he big the biggest proverbial feather in the straw Fedora of Bray Wyatt to date, and possibly ever? I gotta go with Wyatt here. Say what you want about Cena, he’s a guy who understands the business and understands when it’s the right time to put someone over on the big stage. That time is now for Bray Wyatt.

Addie: Pick: Bray Wyatt. It’s quite simple: Bray has a lot to gain if he beats Cena, but Cena doesn’t gain much from beating Wyatt. Now, I know what you’re thinking: John Cena doesn’t lose. This is a fair opinion, and if I had to bet money, I might re-think this selection. I know that if I were booking (still waiting for a call), Bray Wyatt would win.

Sheehan: We’re here. Bray Wyatt has brought a new dimension to the WWE and it has been great. The insane creep angle is one we can all relate to. Right? Oh no, just me? Nonetheless the sadistic family leader has been impressive in the ring and especially on the Mic. Cena is Cena. One of the most underrated wrestlers ever amongst the fans who can play crowds who hate him every week with consummate ease. I’m a huge fan of both these guys but not the match-up so much. I really think this has been glued together last-minute because of Punk’s absence and won’t be part of anything long-term. People seem to be favouring Wyatt here but I really can’t see Cena putting him over at ‘mania after he gave up the title to Orton a few months ago. It’s just too big. Cena via AA.

A. Reno: I’m actually really looking forward to this match. Seeing Cena with his arms tied to the ropes with a sheep mask on was pretty awesome. Bray Wyatt is turning into one of the best promoters in the WWE. I feel like I’ve watched this movie before though. Cena gets beaten down time and time again, yet finds a way to win and overcome all odds. Cena wins, lol.

Rose: I can’t begin to express how impressed and how big a fan I am of Bray Wyatt. He is a very talented wrestler, and his persona is the best in the WWE right now. I’m also a Cena fan, yes, I said it. I know it’s not “cool” to be down with Cena, but I am. I love this match, and I think the two of these guys will have one hell of a match.

Regardless of who wins, this match will elevate Bray Wyatt. I think he will have a very physical match, and in the end, I think Bray Wyatt gets the hard-fought win, and in doing so, puts his name among the best of the best in the WWE.

Langevin: As with every Cena pay-per-view match, I just don’t know who is going to win. It’s crazy to think that they would do this entire build to give Cena a win, but they’ve done that before. This to me, is the perfect opportunity to use Cena’s “Legacy” as a chance to put Bray over and make another star. This is the grandest stage of them all, and there would be no better stage than to cement Bray Wyatt as the top dog of heels than with this victory. I want to see this match get close to 20 minutes. I want a good solid match here. I am really pulling for it. If you look at recent Wrestlemanias, the card is usually built of 8 matches (roughly) with 5, 10-minute matches and 3, 20-30 minute spectacles. I want this to be one of those spectacles. If you want to use this Wrestlemania to build the future, you can. This Wrestlemania is perfectly suited to set the WWE up for years, and it’s time to pull that trigger and set up the future stars. Bray Wyatt wins here.


• The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

D. Reno: Having Heyman and Taker work together for two years in a row has been a blessing. The lead up was fun but let’s be honest – you just can’t top what Punk, Heyman and Taker did last year. Prove me wrong tonight guys. Lesnar seems to do that every single time out (with his in ring prowess – certainly not on the mic) and I’m hoping tonight is no different. This has to be the best match of the night. And of course – The Streak lives on.

Matt Addie: Taker. I believe in death, taxes and The Streak.

Sean Sheehan: Eat. Sleep. Extend the streak.

Ok, we all know what the result will be here but I still can’t wait. Undertaker is the only part-time wrestler who takes big bumps and he will take plenty here. Brock will come out strong and beat the tar out of ‘taker for most of the match. Expect at least 5 near falls for Lesnar and some Heyman interference. In the end, though, Undertaker will win as Lesnar falls through hell’s gate.

A. Reno: Last year, CM Punk made me believe the streak could be broken. I jumped out of my seat when Punk went to pin The Undertaker using his own RIP pin. Unfortunately, I just don’t believe Brock can end the streak. It would be too unsettling to have Brock Lesnar be the guy who ended the greatest streak in wrestling history. 22-0.

Rose: Taker at WM is a lock, all the time. I think Lesnar will push the Dead Man past where he might want to go, but Lesnar despite what the mainstream might believe, knows what is best for business and will do the right thing here. The only thing that could derail the streak is a CM Punk return and he/Lesnar double teaming Taker, but more likely than that is Taker getting the win and Lesnar/Punk leaving him laid out post match, possibly retiring The Taker. Could be interesting.

Langevin: I can’t wait for this. I just can’t wait for this. As with every year, the Undertaker match is the one that I am most looking forward to. This is the first time that we don’t have a great technical wrestler taking on the Undertaker, but I think this is going to bring a new dynamic to the Undertaker match that he has not had since Batista at Wrestlemania 23. Sure, Triple H is a beast, and powerful, and they had a Hell in a Cell classic, but Brock Lesnar is on a whole different level. We often criticize (and I just did it with the New Age Outlaws in this prediction article) those on the part-time schedule who steal the spotlight from those working year round, but the truth is, Brock gives his matches 110% every damn time. When Brock came back almost 2 years ago, I remember thinking, “man, I wonder how his matches will be. Will he still go 100%?” And then in his first match with Cena at Extreme Rules, Brock took this INSANE bump by flying over the top rope and smashing to the outside. It was INCREDIBLE! He has absolutely no care for his body because he knows he is on a part-time schedule, and that is what I love. He knows he has a chance to go home, rest up a bit, and then come back for another great match. He has had great match after great match. Him v. CM Punk stole Summerslam. Him v. HHH last year at Wrestlemania was a brutal classic. I just can’t wait to see him back at it with the Undertaker. They are going to both go all out, and we will see a BRUTAL Taker match. Clearly, though, Undertaker is going to keep the streak alive.


• Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

D. Reno: Here we have what I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) Triple H’s first match since he tried to help put Curtis Axel over. Come on now, not even Paul Heyman could put Axel over. So why would Hunter allow someone like Daniel Bryan get in the way of his big ego on a night like tonight? It’s simple. We all know it’s not all about ‘The Game’ – it’s all about what’s ‘Best for Business’. Hunter knows it, and he knows the window on the YES! movement is closing even though it’s at its all time high. Bryan moves on to that triple threat match. Will he get that true WrestleMania moment that everyone craves though? Read on.

Addie: Daniel Bryan. Now we’re talking. It’s almost certain that Bryan will be in the main event, but I don’t expect this to be cut-and-dry. I expect some sort of swerve; we might even leave this match thinking Triple H won. If Shane McMahon is there (rumored), he could restart the match or reverse the decision. Perhaps Hulk Hogan finally asserts himself as more than a walking WWE Network commercial. Or, maybe despite losing, Triple H still inserts himself into the main event. I’m not sure of anything, other than Daniel Bryan being in the main event.

Sheehan: I may be the world’s biggest Daniel Bryan mark. Like all wrestling fans, though, I have been scarred by the WWE too many time with its constant favouring of HHH over infinitely more talented and worthy challengers. My head tells me HHH will win but my heart says Bryan. So screw my head. HHH will finally do the right thing and put Bryan over (I hope beyond hope).

A. Reno: Daniel Bryan has to win right? RIGHT?? I mean come on. The WWE universe would storm the ring and put Triple H’s head on a spike if he wins. I’m guessing this will be one of the opening matches at WM to get Daniel Bryan some rest before the Main Event. Bryan WILL make Triple H tap, but I think Triple H will get involved in the Main Event somehow later on. The fans get what they want and we get to see Batista vs. Orton vs. Bryan.

Rose: Ugh….I don’t love this, and I think despite HHH doing all he can to screw Bryan, I think Daniel gets the win and moves into the main event. This however could be another opportunity for CM Punk to make his return, and cost Bryan a shot at the title, and get the nod himself. Hell, I’m going with that. Daniel Bryan gets hosed by Punk, and Punk/HHH move on to the main event making it a 4 way.

Langevin: If Daniel Bryan does not win every match at Wrestlemania, I may riot. Okay… maybe I won’t riot, but I will have a full-blown melt down. The last 6-7 months of WWE programming is building to Daniel Bryan walking out of Wrestlemania as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the first step is knocking off HHH. This is the big payoff we have been looking for, with Daniel Bryan finally getting back at the Authority for putting him through hell for so damn long. The problem is… I think this is not where we are going to see that big payoff. IT’S WRESTLEMANIA! IT’S HHH! You really think he’s going to cleanly put over another person?! HAHAHAHAHHAHAA!!! Hell no! This match is going to have some weird ending where the WWE World Heavyweight Title match turns into a Fatal 4-Way match. Then you have so many scenarios leading out of Wrestlemania. (I’ll continue my thoughts about this in the main event portion of my prediction).


• Triple Threat World Heavyweight Title Bout: Randy Orton (C) vs. Batista vs. TBD

D. Reno: Here’s how this one should end: after a great match consisting of mostly Orton and Bryan going blow for blow (and Batista playing dead to avoid gassing out) Triple H and Stephanie get involved to do their best to stop the inevitable. Bryan powers through everything The Authority, Orton and Batista throw at them and we fade to black with a capacity Mercedes-Benz Superdome crowd chanting in unison: “YES! YES! YES!” That’d just be too cool though. That’ll be the moment that could live on forever in time. A moment that would forever be etched in our skulls, like Hogan and Andre, Taker and HBK, Hart and Stone Cold. This one, this moment would be even more important though for that new generation of fans. This would be their Hogan-Andre, the moment that the WWE could build on heading into the future. Bryan has the chops to carry this company as a top face with Cena on his way out. This is the memory, the moment, and the outcome we all need. It’s a no brainer! That’s why it won’t happen. Batista wins. And every single fan that threatens not to watch WWE ever again tunes into USA on Monday night like they do every single week so they can complain some more. Welcome to the Batista era. Sorry guys. I hope I’m wrong.

Addie: Daniel Bryan. Most people expect Wrestlemania 30 to go off the air with Bryan as our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. While I do believe there’s a slight chance of him continuing his title chase after Batista or Triple H, Bryan winning is the most likely outcome. However, I can’t let this prediction go without indulging some improbable, yet remotely possible rumors. Some people think CM Punk is in New Orleans. I personally do not, but let’s say he is. We know CM Punk enjoys being a heel more than a good guy. What better way for WWE to insert Punk into a major angle, than have him lay out our new champion (Bryan) to close Wrestlemania 30. I’ll leave it there.

Sheehan: There are many options here. The only thing I feel certain of is that Orton is giving up his title. If HHH beats Bryan, he won’t win the title because he isn’t wrestling every month. In that case Batista will be the new champion. Unless that was a stipulation of him re-signing with the company I can’t see the WWE giving the belt to a superstar who is as cold as ice with the WWE universe. So that leaves Daniel Bryan. It makes sense. He has to win, doesn’t he? It would be the best for everyone. The fans, WWE and Bryan himself would all gain from him reigning for a while. So, is my pick Daniel Bryan?


(sidenote: I wonder why Orton still carries two belts around. Maybe it’s time they got split again? Hmmm)

A. Reno: Please WWE. Please do not let Orton keep his title. I’ve never seen someone stumble over their own words and make a fool of themselves on live television as much as Randy Orton. Do not give this man a belt or a microphone. Batista is even worse. The show will start out making this match a No DQ title match. Batista will gas out early, and Bryan will make Orton tap and win the belt, only to get beaten down by an enraged Triple H, who ties him up and claims himself WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Rose: Ok, short and sweet. I think by this time, it’s a four-way between Orton, Batista, Punk and HHH. I think HHH and Punk work together and in the end, Daniel Bryan comes out and spoils their plans, leading to a victory by Batista, setting up the most annoying title reign ever.

Langevin: Now, to continue my thoughts from the HHH v. Daniel Bryan match, I think this ends up being a Fatal 4-Way. That is simply because of the scenarios that you continue this rivalry with after Wrestlemania. First off, I think Daniel Bryan is going to finally win the title AND keep the title to close Wrestlemania. This is the big payoff. He just has to win it. There really can’t be another scenario. 80,000+ will be all chanting YES! YES! YES!, with fireworks going off, and Daniel Bryan finally holding that title tight. It would be a PERFECT ending. Then after Wrestlemania, you have Batista complaining that he won the Royal Rumble and had to fight 3 guys. He can complain that recently no other Royal Rumble winner has had to do that. It was a conspiracy to keep him from the title. Yada yada yada. Then you have Orton complaining that he was only supposed to fight 2 other guys and they screwed him by having him fight 3 other guys. He was screwed out of his title. Yada yada yada. THEN you have HHH. He can complain that Daniel Bryan never beat him. He can say that Daniel Bryan got lucky that he was able to leave Wrestlemania with the title, and that he can’t beat HHH one-on-one. See? By making this a Fatal 4-way, they would have so many scenarios to build upon and leave Wrestlemania with. I just think it’s the best way to have it happen, and you can not only just have that big payoff with Daniel Bryan, but you have that big payoff come against Randy Orton and HHH, two of the guys who have made his life a living hell. Daniel Bryan will leave Wrestlemania the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.