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WrestleMania 32

WrestleMania 32 Bets Worth Making




The betting odds for WrestleMania 32 are out there. Thank you, Bovada! Regardless of one’s affinity for gambling, the odds are always fun to dissect. What do “they” think will happen? The gambling world expects Roman Reigns (-700) to defeat Triple H; wrestling fans would probably agree. Dean Ambrose is barely an underdog (11:10) against Brock Lesnar, which may be harder to believe. Before reacting to each line, the point for readers of the odds to remember is that wrestling is not sports; it’s sports entertainment. Your question is how likely it is for WWE to write a story in which Dean Ambrose wins this match? Obviously, the question is not about who would win a fight between Lesnar and Ambrose. Acknowledging that, are there interesting odds to take a run at? WWWYKI.

We’re not talking about the most likely outcome. Betting on Roman Reigns is fine, but it’s not the purpose of this piece. It’s obvious, so if you want less than a 1-to-1 return and a “victory,” then bet on Reigns. Where can you make yourself some beans, though? That is why we are here.

Zack Ryder is 33:1 to win the Intercontinental Championship. Is Ryder at all likely to win a title at WrestleMania? Hell no, but look at it this way: if WWE wrote 33 possible outcomes of this match, can you see one (or more than one) that Zack Ryder wins? I think that answer is yes, and I’ll give you one.

Perhaps WWE knows we will reject the ending if Reigns wins. That main event is not for their “smart” IWC fans, so why not give them a consolation prize by giving one of their babies a moment? It also fills the shock-factor quota, because nobody expects it to happen. Seriously, nobody expects it; he is only in the match because of Neville’s injury. Plans change, though. In Chris Jericho’s latest book, he explains how Vince made a decision to give him the World Heavyweight Championship right before the show. So, you never know. Okay, you probably do know, but if you threw 10 beans at this, you stand to win 330. Why not?

Bray Wyatt is 5:1 to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. They think it will be Braun Strowman. So do I, but Bray needs some kind of WrestleMania moment, right? At 5:1, this is a decent bet. Ask yourself this: if it’s not Strowman, then who is it? If Bray is in your Top 5, it’s an okay bet to make at 5:1.

Becky Lynch is 5:1 to win the Divas Championship. This is my favorite. There are only three competitors, so in kayfabe terms, it’s better than a 5-to-1 chance. In the real world, I feel like those are good odds, too. Without getting into much detail, Becky at 5:1 is simply the performer with the highest chance to win at the best odds. At 5:1 and higher, there is no better bet to make. We ask the question in this context again: if there are 5 outcomes, does Becky win one of those? Definitely. Yes, it’s a flawed way to look at odds; they don’t write five endings. It’s just an exercise helping you understand how close this is to being possible.

Another factor worth noting is the story that WWE might be going away from the “Divas” label. If it’s to change, it’s unlikely they’d ask the top heel in the division to kick off a change that will certainly draw a babyface reaction. To that point, it’s more likely that Sasha or Becky leads that change, even bettering your odds. Bet Becky.

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