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WrestleMania 32 Main Card Staff Predictions




André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Matt Addie (@MattAddie):  If the Wyatt Family is going to make their mark on WrestleMania, it will likely be in this Battle Royal, and/or by messing up Ambrose vs. Lesnar. WWE is doing their annual pre-Mania pimping of Kane and Big Show, so it supposedly looks better when Strowman eliminates them. (PS – Get well, soon Luke Harper)

Chris Kelly (@CZKelly1983): Injuries have meant that this one has less star power than in previous years. I was going to go for Mark Henry to mark the beginning of what will likely be his retirement run but i think the plan will be to give some sort of launching point for Braun Strowman ahead of a possible showdown with Bray Wyatt in future months.

Mira Waters (@LostWolfling): I hope it’s Kane because it’s about time that young man got a push.

Dave Reno (@dw_reno): 16 of the 20 competitors have been announced (I’m not going to list them here but you can probably guess most of them) which leaves us 4 empty spots. The Wyatt Family immediately comes to mind but they are one man short with Luke Harper being laid up. Poor André probably doesn’t have a lot of room to be rolling around in his grave but this couldn’t have been what they had in mind when they started this thing three years ago – he deserves better. I’ll go with Kane because he’s big and The Big Show won last year.

Drea Mitchell (@SheWatchesLucha): As of me writing this there are only 16 entrants confirmed. I’m going to make my choice from those, instead of speculating. Of those names I would love Tyler Breeze to take it – he won’t. Or Damien Sandow come out as our intellectual savior and win – he won’t either. I would love to see Mark Henry win this. So he’s going to be my pick.

Jim LaMotta (@jimlamotta): Considering how thin the roster is from all the injuries, this one should probably be called the mid-card battle royal. Since no standouts are booked for this, the pick here is The Big Show wins again for the easy booking decision.

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