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WrestleMania 32 Main Card Staff Predictions




3-on-4 Handicap Match: The New Day vs. The League of Nations

Addie: I always pick The New Day. Always. They are everything.

Kelly: The New Day. They are over more than almost anyone else on the roster.  How can they not get the win? The League of Nations just hasn’t worked and with Barrett’s imminent departure could this be the start of a split in the faction?

WatersThe League of Nations. I believe in the power of positivity but I also believe in the power of feuds having somewhere to go. It would actually be nice to have a moment where the New Day panics so hard and become so petulant that cracks begin show in their good vibes facade. I want young Chris Jericho levels of petulant. Please, WWE. I’ll be a good girl. I’ll eat all my vegetables.

Reno: With no title on the line this is more about having fun and enjoying the gift we’ve been given in The New Day. Everything these three men do is teflon – they just couldn’t get it wrong if they tried. Expect a huge intro (trombone orchestra anyone?) and a fun match featuring seven great wrestlers. Maybe we even get The Rock as a fourth member for the night? Either way – this will be a fun way to break up the card. There’s no reason for The New Day not to win here.

MitchellNew Day cannot lose this match. They are the most popular thing in WWE right now. As an added bonus they can actually hold their own the ring too.

LaMotta: I’m not sure why this wasn’t booked as a tag title match since the WWE seems to have actually put some effort into rebuilding the division over the past year, but the belts aren’t defended on the biggest show of the year. The pick is The New Day gets the win with King Barrett getting pinned since he’s reportedly not going to renew his contract when it expires in a few months.

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