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WrestleMania 32 Main Card Staff Predictions




WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Triple H (c) vs. Roman Reigns

Addie: Sigh. It’s going to be a good match that will get dumped on, no matter what. In a vacuum, that is really unfortunate. I only hope WWE turns this into lemonade and uses it for a fierce Reigns heel turn the following night on RAW. Heel Reigns vs. Ambrose, or a returning Seth Rollins, would be top notch. Winner: Roman Reigns.

Kelly: It’s highly unlikely but a Triple H win could set up so many more better storylines going forward. His chemistry with Dean Ambrose is testament that he can still go. Reigns can’t draw for Toffee as it would only be the calibre of his opponent that can do that. Triple H with the belt gives some star power to the title.

WatersMy pick is Triple H simply because I want him to carry the title for so long that madness takes hold of the WWE universe. I want the madness to go on until the title becomes so meaningless that the vocal, smarky smarks question the validity of “this man who has been in the company for six years, who we all liked in the Shield, has a loyal fan base that isn’t very rude and has excellent merch sales and used his time from an injury actively working to get better on the mic and ring psychology and has never injured anyone but I hate him and he’s stupid and it’s TOO SOON AND LISTEN TO ME I AM SO IMPORTANT”. I want their boos to turn to cries for help. I want Triple H to have this title for so long that you have to actually take in the context of the storyline and watch a match before you boo something. I won’t be satisfied until a man in a Bullet Club t-shirt, holding a craft beer, gets on his knees and screams for Reigns the way Heather screamed for Josh in The Blair Witch Project.

Reno: The reason Reigns hasn’t turned heel yet has to be because they’re saving it for the biggest show of the year. Reigns pins HHH clean after a fantastic match, The Rock comes into to celebrate with his cousin and Reigns lays him out with a spear. The end. Now Reigns can avoid microphones like the plague for the rest of the year and just beat people up like it’s his job.

Mitchell: This may be the unpopular opinion (but you guys get to make your own picks) I really hope that Roman Reigns wins this. I am not a huge fan of his gimmick right now (which I blame on poor writing) but I cannot believe that in 2016 HHH is our champion! How did this happen? You are the boss so you get to take the title when they guys you want to have it are hurt? There are countless other active roster wrestlers whose careers could have been helped by a title run, instead of giving them a shot we decided to go with the boss? Really?

LaMotta: Obviously, Roman Reigns is going to win the title here and unless there’s some type of swerve booked, he will probably get booed out of the building. As I’ve written previously, it’s disappointing Roman is getting so much flak because the booking hasn’t helped the situation, but unless revenue declines, does it really matter? There are already 84,000 tickets sold for WM so if fans were that disgusted with Reigns as champion, why did they spend their hard earned money on expensive WM tickets? The point is, since the WWE is the only major promotion in the United States, Vince McMahon doesn’t care if the fans boo Reigns, as long as they buy tickets and network subscriptions.

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