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WrestleMania 32 Pre-Show Staff Predictions




Kalisto (c) vs. Ryback – United States Championship

Matt Addie (@MattAddie): There are more post-WrestleMania feuds in Kalisto, so it makes more sense to keep the belt on him. There is also more ability, charisma and merchandise sales in Kalisto; so, yeah. They also might need some babyface moments in this thing (that the crowd will actually like).

Chris Kelly (@CZKelly1983): It’s the typical big man vs. little man rivalry here. They want Ryback to be a monster so he has to go over here as there is no way that anyone can take him serious going forward if he loses to a much smaller wrestler. I can see Ryback being a transitional holder moving it on to someone like Ziggler or Rusev.

Mira Waters (@LostWolfling): We’re still deciding what to do with Ryback (for the 75th year in a row) and Kalisto is our new kid favorite, heart warming, too good too pure precious cinnamon roll face. I think it would be a mistake to break his momentum without the context of a more legitimate story.

Dave Reno (@DW_Reno): This has been one of the most poorly built title matches in WrestleMania history. The Ryback character is something that either belongs in the recycle bin right outside of the HQ in Stamford, CT or at a convention right next to Virgil (shout out to Baron Corbin) begging for people to remember that he used to be somebody. This is Kalisto‘s moment. The young luchador out of Chicago kicks off the night and keeps the fans in line by defeating the big oaf and moving forward as the United States champion until something better comes along.

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