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WrestleMania 32 Pre-Show Staff Predictions




The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz

Addie: Nothing to see here, so I’ll just fantasy book it. D-Von “costs” the Dudley Boyz the match, planting the seeds for a Dudley break-up. This begins the birth of the Bully Ray character in WWE. Pick: The Usos.

Kelly: Not sure when this one got booked that’s how much storylines been made around this match. Either we see the Dudley’s finally being taken seriously or their role as “Enhancement Talent” is continued. Unfortunately i think it will be the latter. Pick: The Usos.

WatersMy pick is The Hardyz because it’s 2001.

Reno: The best thing about this match is that it’s on the pre-show. The Usos were on top of their game for a minute but they’re long gone now. Whether that’s their fault or creative’s fault is irrelevant – the fact is that Jimmy and Jey haven’t done anything to further themselves since their inception. Nobody cares about this match. And for good reason. We’ll go ahead and pick The Usos because they seem like they need a big win.

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