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WrestleMania 33 Preview: RAW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match



How Did We Get Here? Since the brand split, both the Smackdown and RAW tag team divisions have suffered when it comes to depth. With The New Day currently concentrating on hosting duties for the biggest show of the year, these three teams have been embroiled in a seemingly never-ending feud that has been unable to generate much interest from the fans. 

Since dethroning the team of Sheamus and Cesaro on the Royal Rumble pre-show to begin their first WWE title reign, Gallows & Anderson have traded wins back and forth with both of the aforementioned teams. They even got into a little 2-on-1 feud with Roman Reigns and aligned themselves with Charlotte Flair. It hasn’t been the best run but they haven’t exactly been given a ton to work with in their defense. 

This match was made a couple of weeks back on RAW when the champs interfered in a #1 contenders match between Sheamus and Cesaro and Enzo and Cass forcing former GM Mick Foley to add both teams to WrestleMania making it a triple threat match. How did the ladder stipulation get added you ask? Well, everyone just decided to start hitting each other with ladders last week in a very messy segment that reeked of a creative mind deciding, “oh no, we need a ladder match at Mania and we need it quick!”

What’s at Stake? Gold and a WrestleMania moment. This could also end up being the first match to go live on the main card so it’s always important to kick off the show right if that is the case. 

Excitement Level: Probably one of the least anticipated matches on the card. Now, if the Hardys do happen to show up, well, that changes everything. 

Prediction: So whaddya we got here? A cuppa tag team champions? Enzo & Cass need this win more than any of the three teams involved. The ‘Good Brothers’ will be fine and Sheamus and Cesaro are due to go back to singles action any day now. Enzo and Cass came to the main roster almost a year ago to the date last year on the RAW after Mania and they lit the place on fire. Their momentum has slowed down a ton as of late and there’s no better time to get that back than at WrestleMania 33. 

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