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WrestleMania 33 Preview: RAW Women’s Championship



TODAY IS THE DAY! The day that all wrestling fans wait for each year…WrestleMania! Tonight we have a lot of exciting matchups as well as some that we could have probably dealt without(here’s looking at you Goldberg and Brock). Lets take a look at what has turned out to be an intriguing match between three-fourths of the Four Horsewomen and a woman who claims to be unlike them. the Fatal-4-Way Elimination Match for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Here’s my take on each of the ladies landscapes heading into tonight:

WWE Women’s Champion Bayley:

For whatever reason, it seems like WWE can’t get the transition from NXT to the main roster right sometimes. Heading into her first wrestle mania as champion is remarkable although it feels as though Bayley may have sucked some of the wind out of the sails of the Women’s Revolution. Since she became champion back in February on Raw, I haven’t been as interested in what the women are doing on Raw. It makes me sad to say that because I was all in when it came to the Women’s Revolution but now….I just can’t seem to care. I cared when Sasha was champ. I cared when Charlotte was champ….even with the never-ending game of hot-potato. But with Bayley….something is missing. That being said, I think the best part about Bayley is watching her scratch and claw to finally get her hands on a championship on the biggest stage of them all! But instead, I see her losing. This loss may be a good thing though because it will lead to the eventual build of her winning it all again. Hopefully by that time, the spark she had comes back.

Sasha Banks:

The Boss has been playing the secondary role as Bayley’s best friend since she lost the Raw Women’s Championship to Charlotte a while back but something tells me that this Mania match will be the beginning of the reemergence of the Boss character that Sasha portrayed in NXT. The seeds have been planted for a Sasha heel turn thanks to Charlotte trying to advise Bayley that Sasha only cares about herself and will turn her back on anyone to get the title back…even if it means turning on her best friend on the grandest stage of them all. I don’t see Sasha winning the gold back tonight but I see a new, entertaining, “best friends” feud developing.

Nia Jax:

The woman who claims that she’s not like most girls, looks to become like the three competitors in her match and earn her first women’s title. While Nia has proven to be a destructive force in the women’s divison, I don’t think she’ll be able to take all three of her foes out tonight. Nia is still a long way away from carrying the title, and when she does, I think she’ll need to hold on to it for a long time to make her reign mean anything since she’s built as a big behemoth. I’m looking for the Horsewomen she’s facing in her match to come together to eliminate the problem Nia poses before she’ll be able to pin one of them.

Charlotte Flair:

Charlotte is undeniably the cream that has risen to the top on the Raw Women’s roster. She’s improved so much since dropping her sidekicks(first Ric Flair, and most recently Dana Brooke). Her promos have become something you want to listen to and has substance…not to mention in a day when it seems that some titles are so unimportant(I’m sorry, I sometimes forget Dean Ambrose is IC Champion…) Charlotte can make you genuinely believe that championship is the most important thing to her. Which is why I think she’ll become a 5-time Raw Women’s champion at the Ultimate Thrill Ride. The WWE has set Charlotte up to be the most dominant female athlete in the company and I think she’ll continue her dominance over her fellow division members tonight.

So guys, those are my thoughts for tonight! Comment below and give your picks for this match and enjoy WrestleMania!!

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