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WrestleMania Bets Worth Making



WrestleMania 33 is days away, and the odds are out. Each year, there are diamonds in the rough, and underdogs who the odds makers are underestimating. This is our annual tradition: WrestleMania Bets Worth Making.

Dean Ambrose (8-1) vs. Baron Corbin (1-20): Intercontinental Championship

While his run as Intercontinental Champion has been underwhelming, Ambrose is still positioned as one of Smackdown Live’s top performers. Corbin’s spot, however, is far from solidified. Winning the Intercontinental Championship is a logical step for someone like Corbin; a young performer on the main event fringe. However, if there is any hesitation on Corbin from WWE, Ambrose can safely hold the title a bit longer. With that, the 8-1 odds paint Dean as a bigger underdog than he actually is, and this one is worth looking at.

Triple H (9-2) vs. Seth Rollins (1-8)

A victory for Triple H would likely involve Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, or another in his new army, which at least saves face for Rollins. In the hypothetical creative table we often look at to ask if the possibilities match the odds, the performer in this match is sitting at said table; there has to be two possible outcomes where the COO goes over.

Charlotte Flair (9-1) vs. Bayley (1-6) vs. Sasha Banks (7-2) vs. Nia Jax (16-1)

The likely outcome has Bayley retaining, then grappling with a newly turned heel Sasha, but 9-1 for someone recently off a dominating PPV winning streak is insane. Charlotte is in WWE’s MVP discussion, and is a star in every sense of the word. No hypothetical WWE creative table is necessary for this one; there is a much better chance than 9-1 that Charlotte Flair walks out of WrestleMania as RAW Women’s Champion.

Goldberg (12-1) vs. Brock Lesnar (1-50): WWE Universal Championship

There are so many questions surrounding this match. Can Goldberg hang for more than a few seconds? Will Brock Lesnar be able to hold a WresteMania caliber match after such a break from televised matches? How will the crowd react?

Goldberg’s run has always been assumed to be incredibly short-term, which has everyone believing that Brock should be a heavy favorite. The odds makers agree, penning Goldberg as a 12-1 underdog. If a fortune-teller had proclaimed that Goldberg would be Universal Champion in 2017, while spending less than 5 minutes in WWE matches, the world would have taken a collective spit take.

The lesson is to expect the unexpected with Goldberg at this point. At 12-1, it is not outlandish to think that Goldberg could cap off his run with a victory at WrestleMania, even if he gets destroyed at RAW the next night.

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