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WWE Backlash Bets Worth Making



There are betting odds for WWE Backlash, and as usual, there are some interesting bets to consider. The element of surprise is in the fiber of professional wrestling, and while odds makers know this, it can never be fully accounted for when setting the lines. It’s as if a third axis is introduced to a standard graph. This is not just one opponent versus another, but also the decision makers and their motives. Any success requires accessing the craziest depths of our nerdy wrestling brains, to perhaps invest in an outcome that you’d be shocked to see.   Here are some of those crazy bets to consider for WWE Backlash:

**Warning: the following is complete insanity. These are not predictions, or likely outcomes.**

Dolph Ziggler (+350) to defeat The Miz (-530) for the Intercontinental Championship

A bet on Ziggler, a significant underdog, could actually be seen as a vote of confidence in The Miz. The Awesome One has been crushing it as one of the company’s top heels, and the world is starting to notice. If WWE has any thoughts of bumping The Miz up a level, he’ll need to drop the Intercontinental Championship prior to the climb. Ziggler is a safe choice to be IC Champion; he’s done it before, and would not harm the IC title’s significance.  At +350 (bet $100, get $350), it’s a decent bet.

Becky Lynch (+115) to win the Six-Pack Challenge

Becky is barely an underdog, so to some, this will not be worthwhile. It is technically a good bet; she’s not favored and could easily win. If you’d like to bump your win-loss record, give Becky a look at +115. For something a bit stronger, there’s an absolutely crazy bet within the same match:

Carmella (+1000) to win the Six-Pack Challenge

What?!? I just got Twitter-slapped for suggesting such nonsense. Carmella as the first WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion? Yes, I am sober. If this were anything less than the insane +1000 line, I’d throw this bet in the recycling bin. The thread I’m hanging onto is this: everyone assumes Nikki Bella will return to her fabulous role as a top heel. She’s favored to win this match, and probably rule Smackdown Live as the dominant heel champion. That is a sane, likely outcome.

To play devil’s advocate, what if they like her as a babyface for a little while longer? Would any of these women make a compelling championship opponent for a face Nikki? There is a very narrow path to a babyface Nikki Bella chasing a heel for the championship, especially one as wonderfully irritating as Carmella. Wouldn’t you root for Nikki if this were the case? If WWE discussed the outcome of this match 100 times, this could be one of them right? Bet $1, win $100…

Odds taken on 9/8

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