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WWE Battleground triple threat main event set



After winning the Money in the Bank briefcase and cashing in his contract on the same night to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Dean Ambrose has now become the guy that everyone is chasing. Right at the top of the list of #1 contenders are his two former Shield brothers, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

A match between the two men, who also held the title (Rollins for a brief moment) on Sunday night before Ambrose cashed in, was set to decide who would face Ambrose for his first title defense at WWE Battleground on July 24th live on the WWE Network. The match ended in a double count out which prompted RAW co general manager Shane McMahon to call for a restart. Ambrose expressed that he’d fight either man, or both at the same time at Battleground which lit up a light bulb in McMahon’s head causing him to announce a triple threat involving all three members of The Shield as the main event of WWE Battleground.

As of tonight, Ambrose vs. Reigns vs. Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is the only official match for WWE Battleground.

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