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The Bullet Club: Fit for NXT and the Main Roster




If rumors are true, AJ Styles will be on WWE television sometime next week. Styles is apparently on the road with WWE for Sunday’s Royal Rumble, Monday Night RAW, and/or the upcoming Smackdown TV taping. Individually, Styles fits on the main roster immediately without a NXT layover, but it is assumed that he’ll bring The Bullet Club (or Bálor Club) brand along with him in some form.  A run in NXT is not necessary for AJ Styles, but is it for The Bullet Club?

Appearing in multiple promotions was a large part of The Bullet Club’s success. The same faction appearing in wrestling rings around the world throws back to that “invasion” feeling of the Monday Night Wars. They weren’t a simple stable fighting for tag belts in a single indie promotion. They were a dominant group of reputable wrestlers leaving their mark on multiple promotions at once. They are at their best when disobeying the rules of being on one roster. The Bullet Club (or Bálor Club) may not need to be in NXT, but they should be.

Styles can appear at Royal Rumble, or the following night on RAW. He certainly has the tools to be a fixture on the main roster going forward, so it makes sense for him to be there immediately. Finn Bálor can be the perfect segue between the two shows. Holding the NXT Championship allows him the flexibility to compete on either platform. He can roll through RAW with AJ, or hang with Gallows and Anderson in NXT. The dual promotion approach also gives flexibility to any incoming members. Nakamura can go to NXT or RAW, and still belong to the Club.

Sidenote: Please, WWE, do not go the way of the nWo B-team. We don’t need any unnecessary Bullet Club members. Bless their hearts, but Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel do not belong on the Bullet Club.

If WWE is going to get behind this new stable, it needs gas behind it. The Bullet Club brand will only go forward if it’s different than the League of Nations, or the Social Outcasts. Styles, Finn, Doc and Anderson cannot just be four wrestlers who do tag matches together. The Bullet Club should be different. The Bullet Club needs to invade WWE, from NXT on up.

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