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WWE Championship rematch to take place on Smackdown Live premiere tonight



Per Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon, WWE Champion Dean Ambrose will put his title on the line for the second straight night against Seth Rollins when Smackdown Live premieres on the USA Network.

If you were left confused by the outcome of last night’s main event title match between Ambrose and Rollins – you weren’t the only one. When RAW went off the air it was Rollins walking down the runway with the WWE Championship after RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon announced him as the winner and new WWE Champion. Referee Chad Patton would be taken out of the equation temporarily after Rollins was shoved into him by Ambrose off the top rope. Rollins would then superplex Ambrose off the top rope and the still dazed ref would count 1, 2, 3 with both men’s shoulders on the canvas.

What if the WWE Draft had trades?

Coverage of the situation would continue on the WWE Network immediately following the USA broadcast where Shane would announce Ambrose as the winner and still WWE Champion. After requesting to see a replay of the final sequence, Lillian Garcia would then announce, per Patton, that both of the opponents shoulders were down making the match a draw – Ambrose retains.

Should Ambrose and Rollins be drafted to a different brand tonight there may not have been an opportunity for a one on one rematch in the forseeable future. Immediately following the fracas, this would lead the commissioners of both brands to agree that a rematch would need to be scheduled for Smackdown. The winner will defend the title on Sunday in a triple-threat main event at WWE Battleground against the loser and Roman Reigns.

The rematch between Ambrose and Rollins and the WWE Brand Extension Draft takes place on the premiere of Smackdown Live tonight at 8 p.m. ET

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