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WWE Draft: NXT Level



On Sunday Evening, WWE announced the rules for the upcoming WWE Draft, which takes place tomorrow night on the debut of Smackdown Live. One of rules mentioned was that there will be six members of the NXT Roster who will be drafted on Tuesday Night. I decided to take a look at who I believe the six names will be called up on Tuesday Night – there may be a couple that surprise you.

Finn Balor

The first name of the list of people who will be called up is a no brainer. It is wildly talked about that Finn Balor has been ready for quite some time to be called up on to the main roster and on Tuesday night it will be his chance to shine. If I am booking his debut, I would make him the number one overall pick for the Smackdown brand. If you bring him up as the number one pick it makes it more impactful than if he were to be drafted, say, number sixteen. When you are the number one pick it shows that you are a franchise talent that the brand should be built around and as we have all seen on NXT, Finn Balor is someone you can build the brand around.

American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable)

This duo is the hottest tag team down in NXT and they are at a point where if you keep them down in NXT any longer you may miss out on their popularity. When I look at American Alpha, I compare them a little bit to the likes of Adam Rose, where he got really hot really quick in NXT and WWE brought him up to capitalize on the opportunity. WWE needs to capitalize on their momentum and have their real shining moments happen on the main roster, so they don’t burn out before being called up.

Alexa Bliss

After breaking away from Blake & Murphy, Alexa has started to really come into form. The nickname I have given her is “Evil Sparkle Fairy,” – as a heel, she is really able to show off her true “nasty” side. Bringing her up now will allow her to be a good heel foil to the woman’s roster.

Tye Dillinger

The “Perfect 10” is one of the most experienced hands on the NXT Roster who has been a part of developmental for a few years now. It’s time for Tye to be brought up to the main roster and become a valuable mid-card performer. While he may never break out as a top star, he will be valuable in other ways, including being a solid in ring worker that anyone would enjoy being in the ring with.

Mojo Rawley

After Zach Ryder’s singles run, Mojo will be a nice partner for Zach going forward. Mojo is perfect for being a part of a tag team and reuniting the Hype Bros on the main roster will be a good move for both men.

Those are my six people who I would bringing up during the upcoming draft. I know everyone who is reading this is probably saying – what about Bayley? Just based on how the upcoming storylines play out on NXT Television, Bayley will most likely be finishing up at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn before being called up to the main roster. There is a possibility she is called up to be Sasha Banks’ partner for Battleground but I would save her debut until the night after SummeSlam. With all of the movement, things for WWE will surely be interesting here in the next few months.

Agree? Disagree? Feedback is always welcomed. Feel free to tweet your reactions to me @WildTalkRadio.

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