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WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 Pick Em



Tonight we head down to the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida to see some of the biggest ongoing feuds of the year come to a close, and new alliances form before we prepare for November’s Survivor Series event. Let’s see what our Fight Booth pick em crew has to say about Hell in a Cell 2013 below.


• Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel (C) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Big E. Langston

Hank Booth: I don’t like Big E. as a face. As a matter of fact, I had him pegged for the next Paul Heyman guy. Paul would’ve made him a huge star. He has put in the work this time though and I really don’t see any reason not to give him that strap for a little bit. Then again, Curtis Axel needs it more. Axel retains via perfect plex.

Sean Sheehan: Big E as a face, so far, hasn’t been too bad. I suppose anyone working with Punk can’t look too bad, although Langston’s opponent, Curtis Axel, gave it a good attempt. I think this is going to be a bad night for Heyman but I’m not sure if Big E will take the belt. I see Axel losing a DQ or winning with help.

Alex Reno:  Well, the Big E. face turn was a little forced if you ask me. I just don’t picture him as a good guy right now. Big E. will look good in this match, but Axel will slip away with a close victory. I’m thinking Heyman does something to distract the referee for a win.

Winner: Axel

Chris Langevin: Just because the IC title has been pretty dull and boring lately, I would love for Big E to win the title here. There are too many heels with titles, and it would be cool to see Big E walk around with the IC title for a while. MAYBE, and I know, you should call me crazy, but MAYBE they would then make the IC Title relevant by having Big E knock off some heels en route to holding onto the title for a while. It would be a cool run. So yeah… why not. Oh right, because my ideas never come true.

Curtis Axel retains the title.

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