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WWE leaves Brooklyn with a night of surprises




WWE fans who showed up to the Barclays Center on Monday night for RAW, the third consecutive night the promotion had sold out the arena for SummerSlam weekend, were rewarded with a night of surprises – a rarity of sorts nowadays during this era of instant information.

The first big surprise of the night came in the form of Bubba Ray and Devon – The Dudley Boyz. With 18 tag team championships under the WWE umbrella, it’s no surprise that Team 3D were quick to reestablish themselves by going after the current tag team champs, The New Day. “Get the tables!”

With Hell in a Cell and TLC on the horizon, there was no better time than last night in Brooklyn for The Dudley Boyz to return. Hopefully they are utilized properly for both events.

With the current popularity of NXT, it’s almost unheard of to have someone debut on the main roster these days without being immediately recognized and judged by the IWC. Highly decorated Strongman Braun Strowman, birth name Adam Scherr, made his wrestling debut late last year in developmental. Now, just 8 months later, he’s a part of the most popular stable in WWE today.

Strowman’s debut sent the Twitterverse into a frenzy with fans rabidly searching google to find the identity of this mysterious 6 ft 8 in, 385 pound monster that just manhandled Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Let’s hope creative gets it right this time around and Strowman doesn’t get Rowan’ed in the end.

Here’s a bonus video of Strowman enjoying his time as a ‘Rosebud’.

With The Undertaker likely gone until WrestleMania season, WWE didn’t waste anytime bringing back a high-profile part timer to return and headline their next Network event. We all knew something was going to happen when The Authority unveiled their new Seth Rollins statue. Maybe John Cena would spray paint it? How about another goofy Jon Stewart segment. Instead, they would save the best for last –

After losing in his WWE Debut against Triple H at WrestleMania 31, Sting will now take on Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It doesn’t have to make sense folks. The UFC is “real” and they’ve given out title fights to competitors coming off losses multiple times. Sting taking on Seth Rollins for the title is all about getting that subscriber count up for the WWE Network. And with Rollins likely defending his United States title earlier on in the night against John Cena in a rematch, don’t be surprised if “The Vigilante” ends up walking away with the biggest prize in pro wrestling today.

image via WWE