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WWE Money in the Bank predictions



The Pride of Kansas City himself, Sir Nicholas Grooms, is here to share his picks for tonight’s promising looking Smackdown exclusive Money in the Bank PPV event out of St. Louis. To preview the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and Naomi versus Lana, click-through the links provided. 

Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton

Fans begged for something “different” and got it the moment the least memorable member of “3MB” returned to the WWE upgraded in all departments. After a brief absence, “The Modern Day Maharaja” returned in top form and refused to be crammed into the same box as many others doing jobs for incoming talent.

After moving to Smackdown Live and receiving what many fans are calling an “undeserved” push, Mahal is now WWE champion and each week they find ways to grow Jinder’s star power. From the flashy entrances to the believability of the Singh Brothers, like it or not, Jinder Mahal is not only becoming a superstar, but he is reaching into the spectrum of being a damn good one.

A bout with Randy Orton in his hometown of St. Louis can mean two things. One, Randy will get the hometown win and reclaim his crown. Or two, they can make it seem like Randy will be the victor and capitalize on Jinder’s heel heat and have the reigning champion leave St. Louis to a chorus of boos as he looks ahead to what many believe will be a Summerslam bout with John Cena.

Personally, I feel if they end Mahal’s reign as abruptly as they did Bray Wyatt’s it will lead to the same exact outcome…A lot of build for no reason at all. This outcome will stop Mahal’s momentum in its tracks.
I am going to say Jinder Mahal via pinfall on this one. Like it, or not.

The Usos vs. The New Day

Personally, I was glad to see New Day take a brief hiatus as the Usos turned the corner with their new gimmick. It has made for a brand new contest between the two teams as opposed to feeling like something we have already seen before.

The last time these two teams faced off in a major way, the Usos were still face painted good guys that everyone was growing tired of as The New Day found its footing as the longest reigning tag team champions of all time.
The Usos have shown vast improvement in their promos and have reinvigorated their careers on Smackdown Live as The New Day looks to charge back and reclaim their titles on a brand new show.

Either way the pendulum swings on this one is fine with me. Both teams have been nothing but great and have done a fantastic job in building the younger teams on the brand allowing them to look good even if they weren’t picking up the win (Usos on SD and New Day as they exited RAW).

If I have to pick one, I am going to go with Usos retaining as I feel this feud has enough luster to roll into Summerslam.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

As much as the world is clamoring for Shinsuke Nakamura or AJ Styles, I can see WWE going a different direction at this point in time.

My big wildcard prediction on this one is “The Underdog from the Underground” Sami Zayn being victorious and cashing in at a time where his championship opponent is more meaningful to his style and technique (Cleary I mean Kevin Owens).

WWE shocked everyone a few weeks back by allowing Dolph Ziggler to get a clean victory over AJ Styles, which some see as an atrocity while others understand that building a credible match up for “Money in the Bank” involves making it look like any competitor in this match has the capability to walk away with the briefcase.

The internet community feels like WWE will do the cliché thing and put over their “big man” with a Vince McMahon approved build and crown Baron Corbin “Mr. Money in the Bank” while I will have to stick with my dark horse pick of Sami Zayn.

I expect nothing short of an instant classic no matter how the cards fall.

Hype Bros. vs The Colons

I am an admitted fan of Zack Ryder’s and I will be the first to say that it is good to see him back in action. Before injury reared its evil head, The Hype Bros. were in line for a shot at the tag team championship.

Since then, WWE has been working on Mojo Rawley’s singles push in an effort to use NFL star (and Mojo’s real life friend) Rob Gronkowski on television as much as possible.

Mojo won this year’s “Andre the Giant Battle Royal” and has been on and off television the past few weeks as WWE creative shrugs its shoulders at what is to become of Mojo.

I see the Hype Bros. victorious in this contest, which will lead to a tag title match up with either the Usos or The New Day ultimately culminating in Mojo turning on Ryder or vice versa.

After the eventual Mojo/Ryder feud prepare for more of that WWE creative shoulder shrugging as they just can’t find a good spot of involvement for either superstar.

Yes, they get hype…but the question is can they stay hype?