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WWE ‘Night of Champions’ Kountermove Freeroll



brock-nocHere at Fight Booth, we are always elated to be partnering with Kountermove for a little bit of freeroll action ahead of a good old-fashioned Sunday night WWE PPV.

If you’re familiar with Kountermove’s MMA games but haven’t played a WWE one, or if this is your first time playing a Kountermove game, don’t fret – here is a quick breakdown of how WWE events are scored directly from their site:


 Strikes: .5 points – including with weapons and foreign objects (chairs, etc.)

“Big Move”: 3 points – any clear big move (e.g. Clothesline, Jumping off the top rope, signature move)

“2 Count” Pin: 3 points – an attempted pin for 2 count = 3 points.

Finishes and multiple finishes: “finish” = a 3 second pin, and is worth 50 points. Full points are also awarded for any pins to any unscheduled opponents. For example, if a fighter pins his scheduled opponent AND also an unscheduled opponent makes an appearance and they are pinned too, then that fighter receives points for both of the pins (2 x 50 = 100 points).

Extra opponents: All opponents — scheduled or unscheduled (i.e., all ladder match opponents, girlfriends, managers or unscheduled wrestling rivals or other) count towards points — wrestlers receive points for stats generated anytime during the event’s broadcast, even if it’s from wrestling with multiple or unscheduled opponents.

Now that you’re up to speed, it’s time for us to help you get psyched for some Fantasy WWE action. Just like last time, we’re going to break things down into three categories. Remember, if we helped you win money, you can thank us. If you fail miserably – it was for free.

Best Bang For Your Buck:

With $25,000 to spend on your five man roster there are times to be thrifty and avoid costly favorites, and there are times when your best bet is to just go with the top dog, even though this will likely force you to go with some more risqué picks to fill out your roster. When it comes to Night of Champions, look no further than the first match that pops up on your screen. Brock Lesnar is going to cost you a good chunk of change at $5,800, and he’s worth every penny. At SummerSlam, Brock led all participants with a massive score of 161. That was 57 points higher than the competitor who held down the #2 spot, Bray Wyatt. Now, while there is no guarantee that Brock will have anything near a repeat performance of his perfect outing last month in Los Angeles, it goes without saying that he will be the source of some pretty intense offense. He’ll have to get the win for the big pay off though, so don’t use him on this particular card unless you truly believe that he will retain via a clean finish.

Will ‘The Worlds Strongest Man’ be the first man to defeat ‘The Super-Athlete’? No. Rusev securing ‘The Accolade’ for another victory is just as much of a lock as Jerry Lawler finishing his Diet Mountain Dew before JBL or Michael Cole even have a sip of theirs.


Sunday night will be Chris Jericho‘s last match for the foreseeable future. That usually makes us automatically jump to the conclusion that he’s going to lose. The problem with that is that he’s going out with good terms and his highly successful podcast helps promote the company while he’s away. His opponent, Randy Orton, hasn’t exactly been lighting the world on fire as of late. The WWE may just want to send Jericho off with a W. After all, we may never, ever see him inside the square circle, again.

There’s just been too much time spent on the Bella’s lately not to put one of them over. When you look at this triple threat Divas title match between Nikki Bella, A.J. Lee, and the current title holder, Paige, who is the one out of these three that needs the title the most? A.J. and paige will be just fine moving forward without the strap around their waist. Both girls will be champions again, more than a few times over. Nikki, on the other hand, she needs it now. She needs it to keep Total Divas afloat and she needs it to keep pushing the Bella brand while they have the full backing of the WWE. Plus, if these means we’re getting two ‘Nikki Rack Attacks’ for the price of one – you can count us in.

Stay Away:

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins? We already got that match for free on RAW last Monday night. Reigns won via a clean finish, and we’re not likely to get that again come NOC. Now don’t get me wrong, the WWE does have some strange and lazy booking habits. I just don’t see this being one of those instances. This match should have less to do with putting Reigns over than it has in building up the next story arc in The Shield saga. Count on Ambrose making his return to interfere, and don’t count on either of his friends being impressed with his actions when it’s over.

When it comes to tag teams matches, I stay away like a track off of Jar of Flies. The Usos versus Goldust and Stardust is no different. Not only do you have to pick the winning tag team, you also have to pick the competitor that will get the pin. If you’re feeling lucky – go for it. I just can’t recommend it unless you are really struggling to fill that fifth spot on your team or you have something more than a hunch.

You can join the Fight Booth Kountermove $50 WWE Night of Champions Freeroll by clicking here.

Night of Champions kicks off at 8:00 p.m. ET on Sunday night live on the WWE Network. You can catch the kick off show on the same network, or just about any and every social network beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Visit Kountermove for all of your Fantasy MMA, Kickboxing and WWE needs.

Brock artwork via Rzr316

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