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WWE Night of Champions ‘Punk vs. Cena’ Quick Rewind




 The TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts was treated to a Night of Champions this past Sunday night. Two titles changed hands and another chapter was added to what is becoming a rivalry for the ages between CM Punk and John Cena. Lets take a quick look back at what transpired this past weekend in B-Mass in our WWE Night of Champions quick rewind.

• WWE Championship: CM Punk (C) vs. John Cena

CM Punk entered the WWE ring in Cena’s hometown of Boston sporting Yankee pinstripes. Cena changed up his arm bands and outfit to support Susan G. Komen  for the cure , his t-shirt reading “Rise Above Cancer.” It was truly a Hero vs. Villain match, one that would end in controversy.

John Cena would emerge victorious in front of CeNation but the celebration wouldn’t last long. Referee Chad Patton reversed the original decision and declared the match a draw due to both fighters shoulders resting on the mat when he counted to three. We saw children wearing John Cena garb crying into their fathers shoulders, going from the best moment in their young lives to the worst in a matter of seconds. This, ultimately, will lead to a rematch between Punk and Cena at Hell in a Cell next month in Atlanta, Georgia.

Can Punk keep his title for a year? He’s held it for over 300 days now and as the WWE13 cover boy it seems impossible that he’ll lose the strap anytime soon. How will John Cena’s recent highly publicized elbow injury that he suffered during this very event affect things? Cena is only expected to miss 2-3 weeks but what happens if he can’t recover in time? Expect the recently reinstated Randy Orton to slip right in on RAW and give Punk a run for his money.

•  World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus (C) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Smackdown GM Booker T announced just moments before this bout that the “Brogue Kick,” much to Del Rio’s shagrin, would be reinstated. Once again Sheamus would defeat Del Rio in what was actually a fairly entertaining match. When is Sheamus going to get a new challenger though? They’ve beaten this one-sided rivalry to death over the past few months.

After missing with the highly controversial Brogue Kick a handful of times throughout this match, Sheamus hit it when it counted thus retaining his World Heavyweight title.

• Divas Championship: Layla (C) vs. Eve Torres

Kaitlyn was scheduled to take on Eve for the title but in a moment that brought back memories of Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, she was attacked by someone who was likely on Eve’s payroll, or even Eve herself. The Diva search winner hit her patented spinning neckbreaker and made history by becoming the first Diva ever to hold the title on three separate occasions.

• Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

The Viper put Vickie Guerrero’s favorite boy toy away in what was one of the better back and forth matches of the night. Orton finished Mr. Money in the Bank with an RKO before finishing the contest at the 18:24 marker via pinfall. This likely puts Orton in line for the Heavyweight title at the next major PPV, or even for the WWE title if Cena cannot recover in time for Hell in a Cell. That said, Ziggler can still cash in that Money in the Bank briefcase whenever the time is right.

• United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (C) vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder gets to take on Cesaro here after spending all of his energy earning this shot during the YouTube portion of this event. Cesaro finished Ryder with his Gotch-Style Neutralizer before pinning him in what was the shortest match of the pay-per-view at just under seven minutes.

• Tag Team Championship: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston (C) vs. Daniel Bryan and Kane

“I’m the tag team champions of the world!” – Daniel Bryan

“I’m the tag team champions of the world!” – Kane

This has to be the most enjoyable duo since the Bushwhackers. Every finish so far has been crazy and you never know what’s going to happen next between these two WWE superstars. I can’t see these two ever getting boring. Dr. Shelby and AJ Lee have helped create something very special here.

• Intercontinetal Championship Fatal Four Way: The Miz (C) vs. Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, and Sin Cara

If I’m not mistaken The Miz had lost to all three of these gentlemen in recent weeks but when the title was on the line, he came away with it. He may have ended up with a Sin Cara mask over his face at the end of the match for his troubles but nonetheless he ended up hitting his skull crushing finale on Dusty’s son to pick up the all important victory to retain his strap.

• 16-man Battle Royal for United States Championship Title Shot: Zach Ryder emerges victorious

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