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WWE NXT #378 (2.15.17) Play by Play & Review



Tonight, NXT is back at Full Sail University for the second of 3 shows at this taping and Tom Phillips, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness are on commentary. There’s a lot of hype for the UK Championship later on tonight.

 You can scroll to the end for a TLDR recap of the show.

 Match #1: Authors of Pain (w/ Paul Ellering) v. Garriston Spears & Lance Anoa’i

 As a side note, Lance Anoa’i is the grandson of Wild Samoan Afa. With that bit of knowledge, let’s get to the beating. Rezar charges in with a knee to Anoa’i immediately. Rezar hoists Anoa’i up and drives him across the ring into the corner with a spear. Anoa’i plays dead in the corner while Garriston Spears (complete with ‘STUD’ on the back of his trunks) gets unwillingly brought into the ring. Akam and Rezar hit double Death Valley Drivers into opposite corners. That’s new. Anoa’i is flattened with the Last Chapter and you could count to 20.

Winners: Authors of Pain via pinfall.

Post-Match: The Authors aren’t done and deliver a Super Collider to send a message to The Revival.

Thoughts: Good squash match albeit out of necessity as there isn’t a ton of tag team depth in NXT right now. Part of me thinks that The Revival will lose in whatever match happens at Takeover Orlando and will make a post-WrestleMania RAW surprise debut.

Update: Shinsuke Nakamura is back in the ring training for his return. No official timetable, but one assumes it will be at Takeover Orlando.

Match#2:  Billie Kay & Peyton Royce v. Liv Morgan & Mystery Partner

Liv Morgan has found a partner and it turns out to be… Ember Moon. Peyton and Billie sell being scared/shocked in the ring. Moon and Billie start out to ‘Let’s Go Ember’ chants. Billie blocks a hip toss attempt and hits one of her own, but Moon lands on her feet and delivers a knee to the gut followed by a head scissors takedown. Moon gets caught fending Peyton and Billie off in the corner and ends up getting knocked to the mat. Moon is on the receiving end of some double team kicks and a choke in the corner.

Moon blocked Billie’s big boot attempt and caught her with a double under-hook suplex. Moon gets the hot tag to Liv and Billie to Peyton. Morgan hits a clothesline, drop kick, and a bulldog. Morgan connects with an STO on Royce for a 2-count after Billie breaks up the pin. Billie hits the boot to Moon and knocks her off the apron to the floor. Billie holds Morgan up for Royce to deliver the knee to the head and that’s good for the win.

Winners: Billie Kay & Peyton Royce via pinfall.

Thoughts: That was a surprising result, but I understand it. Billie and Peyton needed to pick up a win to retain some credibility and Moon didn’t take the pin. The match could have been a little longer. I’m not sure where Ember Moon is headed. She’s sort of over and sort of not over at the same time – whatever that means. Whatever the case, she isn’t where she needs to be to really credibly challenge Asuka. I think Nikki Cross will get that shot in Orlando and they will punt on Ember Moon until SummerSlam weekend.

Backstage: No Way Jose and Roderick Strong are at the Performance Center. They’re asked why they helped Tye Dillinger against Sanity. Strong answers with the white meat baby face response about 4-on-1 not being fair. Jose says the same, but in a more animated fashion. I’m not clear on where this is headed. Additionally, I’d like to thank NXT for showing me a recap of Killian Dain without a shirt or pants. A whole lot of nope going on there.

In Ring: #DIY makes their first post-San Antonio appearance. Ciampa talks about how their dreams came true in Toronto. Gargano says the Authors are unlike any team they’ve faced before, but they saw doubt in their eyes in San Antonio. Gargano says they are beaten, but far from broken and want their title rematch.

Paul Ellering comes out with the champs and says in 2 weeks, you can have your rematch. He tells them to make peace with their loved ones (Great line). Ciampa and Gargano said they love each other and let’s fight now. The Revival attacks from behind and crushes Gargano with a Shatter Machine. The Revival flees through the crowd as the Authors hit the ring to get them. It looks like they may be building toward some kind of Triple Threat tag match.

Video Package: Kassius Ohno is back and he’s a dangerous man. He’s returning, but no specific date is given.

Backstage: GM William Regal announces that next week will feature a women’s Triple Threat between Peyton Royce, Liv Morgan, and Ember Moon. The winner will face Asuka for the championship in 2 weeks. Hmm, why is Billie Kay left out?

Match #3: UK Championship: Tyler Bate © v. Trent Seven

Trent Seven makes his entrance as NXT cuts to break. Why does Tyler Bate’s theme music sound so familiar? It reminds me of some early 90s, late 80s WWF theme music. That UK Championship is a nice looking belt. There’s a ‘Mustache Mountain’ chant for Trent Seven during introductions. There’s also a handshake before the bell.

There’s a clean break in the ropes and Seven fixes Bate’s mustache. Another tie-up and clean break, but this time Bate returns the favor. Bate slams Seven with a shoulder block, but Seven doesn’t budge. Seven invites him to do another and it’s the same result. The crowd chants ‘One More Time’ and Bate obliges. Seven absorbs it, but this time rebounds off the ropes for a shoulder block of his own, which levels Bate.

Seven charges across the ring and delivers a chop in the corner followed by a really nice suplex, but makes a showy cover and only gets a 1-count. Bate counters an Irish whip, crawls between Seven’s legs, and hits a drop kick before springing to his feet again. Seven regroups outside the ring before Bate throws him back in and then settles into a rest hold, which is the cue for a quick commercial.

Bate connects with some European uppercuts, but they only piss off the larger Trent Seven. Bate gets caught in a back slide for a 2-count. Bate scores with an uppercut off the second rope. Seven rolls back outside the ring, so Bate hits a running dive over the top to the floor. Seven catches Bate in a fireman’s carry and turns it into a Michinoku Driver II. Bate blocks the Seven Star Lariat and scoops up Seven for his airplane spin sequence.

Bate deadlifts Seven off his knees for a German suplex, but Seven blocks. Seven hits a snapdragon suplex on Bate. Seven hits a huge powerbomb and holds on for a pin attempt. Bate kicks out, but Seven turns him into a single-leg Boston Crab. Bate fights out and hits a standing boot to Seven’s face. Bate ducks a few Seven chop attempts and counters with quick strikes of his own, including his quick fake-out jab.

Trent Seven surprises Bate with the Seven Star Lariat and goes right into the cover, but Bate kicked out. Seven takes way too long to get to the top rope and gets hit with a drop kick. Seven blocks a top rope exploder suplex and then attempts a superplex to the floor. As that would likely end Bate’s life, it did not happen. Bate goes back to the exploder and connects off the top rope. Seven kicks out at 2.

Seven blocks a Tyler Driver ’97 attempt and fights back with a devastating chop, but Bate hits a rolling kick off the rebound. Bate nails the Tyler Driver ’97 and that’s good for the win. There’s a handshake and a hug after the match.

Winner: Tyler Bate via pinfall to retain the UK Championship.

Thoughts: My play-by-play above doesn’t do this match much justice. They told a good story and it was a good match – I really enjoyed it. I still cannot believe Bate is 19 years old. As for my thoughts, I’m not sure the UK Championship is going to be a regular part of the NXT Universe. WWE has so many irons in the fire, it’s hard to keep up with it all nowadays.


  • Authors of Pain beat Lance Anoa’i and Garriston Spears
  • Nakamura continued training for his return
  • Billie Kay & Peyton Royce beat Liv Morgan & Ember Moon
  • A Kassius Ohno return promo aired
  • #DIY challenged Authors of Pain, but were then attacked by The Revival
  • Tyler Bate retained the UK Championship over Trent Seven

Announced for Next Week:

  • Number 1 Contender’s Match: Peyton Royce v. Liv Morgan v. Ember Moon