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WWE SmackDown: Live Report from Toronto



The Big Takeaway

Randy Orton defeat Jinder Mahal in a non-title grudge match. Rusev attacked Orton after the match. Daniel Bryan announced that John Cena will face Baron Corbin at SummerSlam. Oh and James Ellsworth is back.

WWE SmackDown Live Report from Toronto

WWE aired a very good dramatic video package of Shinsuke Nakamura defeating John Cena in a number one contenders match last week on SmackDown Live. We also footage of Cena putting Baron Corbin through an announcer’s table.

16x WWE World Champion John Cena Opened the Show

John Cena opened the show as the Toronto crowd greeted him by singing “John Cena Sucks” Cena said Nakamura isn’t afraid of anything as the crowd chanted for Nakamura. Cena said he doesn’t lose often, but shook Nakamura’s hand out of respect. Corbin came out and said he was sick of hearing about the dream match and the handshake. Cena called Corbin a skinny-fat, overrated, dumpster fire and pointed to a sign referring to Corbin as a dumpster fire. The crowd in Toronto chanted “Dumpster Fire” at Corbin. Cena challenged Corbin to a fight, but Corbin told Cena to shove it.

Daniel Bryan came out and received a thunderous reaction. Bryan wasn’t sure if Corbin was a dumpster fire or the future. Bryan announced that Cena will face Corbin at SummerSlam as the segment ended.

  • This was a good opening segment and John Cena was just awesome!

The Usos def. Tye Dillinger & Sami Zayn via Submission

Both Dillinger and Zayn received huge reactions from the crowd. Highlights included Zayn delivering a tope con hilo to the Usos on the floor. Dillinger delivered a sit out power bomb but Jey kicked out. Jimmy delivered a superkick, took out Zayn and made the blind tag. Jey avoided the Tye Breaker and attacked Dillinger leg. Finish came with Jimmy applying the Tequila Sunrise as Dillinger tapped out.

  • The Usos mocked the New Day and said they will become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions at SummerSlam. Big E appeared on the stage as Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods appeared from behind and jumped the Usos.

Renee Young interviewed Randy Orton

Young received a nice reaction from the Toronto crowd. Orton said Rusev was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Orton said without the Singh Brothers, Mahal won’t be able to get away.

Fashion Peaks Segment

Biggest highlight of the segment was Arn Anderson making a cameo appearance. Arn said that he destroyed Tully because Breezango should have named the horse after him. (4 Horsemen Reference) Arn took two donuts and left.

Charlotte Flair def. Lana via Submission

Charlotte received a pretty big reaction and the crowd was wooing for her. A quick match as Charlotte won after applying the Figure Eight Leg Lock.

  • The crowd chanted “Thank you Lana,” when she went for a sunset flip and accidentally pulled down the tights of Charlotte.

Shane McMahon address the U.S Title match at SummerSlam

Shane McMahon came out and received a pretty good reaction. Shane went over the controversy surrounding last week’s championship match. Shane then introduced both A.J. Styles and Kevin Owens who both received pretty big reactions. The crowd in Toronto was split 50/50 as Shane acknowledged the chants. Owens wasn’t worried about Shane screwing him and said we’ve already seen a McMahon screw a legendary Canadian before. (Referencing the infamous Montreal Screwjob)

Owens then brought up the bad blood between Shane and Styles had in the past. Styles admitted that he wasn’t a fan of Shane being the referee for his match, but the officiating hasn’t been great lately. Shane said he doesn’t operate like his other family members. Owens brought up a clip of Shane screwing Steve Austin at the 1998 Survivor Series.

Styles challenged to a U.S. Title match for tonight but Owens said he would rather win the title in America. Owens and Styles started to shove each other. Owens gave Styles a cheap shot. Styles accidentally nailed Shane with a Pele kick as the crowd chanted “You screwed Shane”

Backstage: Lana and Tamina

Tamina and Lana had a conversation in the locker room and wasn’t newsworthy.

Carmella def. SmackDown Women’s Champ Naomi — Non-Title Match

Naomi’s entrance look really cool in person. The crowd wasn’t into the match and chanted “We want Ellsworth” Carmella distracted the referee as Ellsworth appeared and pushed Naomi off the top turnbuckle. Carmella delivered a super kick and got the win. (Crowd cheered the finish)

Backstage: Natalya, Carmella and James Ellsworth

Natalya was hanging around backstage and received a nice reaction. Carmella and Ellsworth approached Natalya. Natalya made some chin jokes towards Ellsworth. Natalya told Carmella not to interfere in her match at SummerSlam. Carmella showed off her MITB briefcase and left.

Shinsuke Nakamura’s sit-down interview with Renee Young

Nakamura said he wanted to be in WWE and compete against the very best. Nakamura called Cena the measuring stick and the guy in WWE, “But I beat him.” Nakamura said he will look forward to watching Mahal and at SummerSlam, the Nakamura dynasty begins. (Nakamura was good in this segment)

Randy Orton def. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal — Non-Title Match

The crowd was very hot for this match as Orton was heavily booed throughout the match. Orton tried an RKO through the table but Mahal pushed him off the table and into the barricade. Mahal took control as the crowd was chanting for the Modern Day Maharaja. Orton made a comeback by delivering a clothsline, a fallaway slam and a powerslam for a near fall. Mahal recovered and delivered a high knee for a near fall.

Orton then delivered a draping DDT, then posed for the crowd, who are booing him. Mahal countered an RKO attempt into a schoolboy but Orton kicked out. Finish came with Orton countering the Khallas and delivered an RKO outta nowhere and got the clean win.

A good match as both Mahal and Orton worked really hard. Orton was posing on ramp but Rusev appeared from behind and delivered a super kick as SmackDown concluded.

— — — — — — — —

SmackDown Live Dark Match: Shinsuke Nakamura & A.J. Styles def. Baron Corbin & Kevin Owens — Toronto Street Fight

Owens got into heated exchange with a fan on the floor and gave him the D-X cross chop. It was a short match but the crowd was super excited to see Nakamura and Styles team up.

Highlights included Styles spearing Corbin through a table which was laying in the corner. Styles delivered a Phenomenal Forearm to Owens. Nakamura delivered the Kinshasa to Corbin and got the win.


Really fun episode of SmackDown Live and the atmosphere for the show was awesome.

— — — — — — — — — — —

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