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Fight Booth WWE SummerSlam: 3rd Annual Staff Pick Em




Sir Matthew of Addie, Mr. Retro PW himself, Chris Skoyles, our very own Lucha Underground analyst, Drea Mitchell and Detroit’s forgotten boyDave Reno, have all taken time out of their collective busy schedules to share their picks for the biggest pro wrestling event of the Summer. You’re welcome.

That’s right. SummerSlam is going East for the first time since 2008 and we here at are beyond thrilled to share our 3rd annual SummerSlam pick em with you below. Feel free to join in and share your own picks with us in the comments section. We promise not to bite. Unless you want us to.

Matt Addie: Pick: Rusev. These two will give us a good show, with significant involvement from the ladies. Rusev wins, potentially setting up a rematch or mixed tag rematch down the road.

Chris Skoyles: My pick: Rusev. I’m actually looking forward to this one, and pray it gets sufficient time. With Rusev cast in the role of the dominant monster and Ziggler selling as though his life depended on it, this could be a really fun twist on the typical David v. Goliath match, ending with a win for Rusev, and half a dozen rematches down the line.

Drea MitchellZiggler. Boy am I a sucker for a man in a jean vest, who also happens to be an amazing wrestler, who is long overdue for this push.

Dave Reno: I really hope this one kicks off the card. It’s a fun little program that’s been building for a little bit now and with Ziggler back from filming 6:42 for WWE Studios with Kane (we’ll get to him later) the crowd is popping extra hard for everybody’s favorite “Show Off”. There’s still a long way before this one ends, especially with Lana and Summer Rae involved. This should go well into the fall. Dolph will have his moments in this particular match and so will Lana – but in the end it’ll be Rusev and Summer who will have the last laugh.


Addie: Pick: The New Day. I’m a huge New Day mark, and refuse to pick against them in any match going forward. Xavier Woods is carving out his niche as an incredible ringside hype man, to go along with Kofi and Big E surprisingly working well as heels. If anything bigger than the Tag Team division is to happen with New Day, there needs to be substance in a feud. Titles always help that. I do think it’s too soon to break them up, or have conflict in the group, but as I said earlier, my refusal to pick against them runs strong. Prime Time Players are actually really over as Tag Champs. Between Titus’ barking taunt and Darren Young’s sick finishing move, they are a legitimate tag team with crowd appeal. I would not be surprised if they retained; actually, they probably will. But…New…Day Rocks.

Skoyles: My pick: The New Day. The New Day are by far one of the most entertaining -not to mention popular- acts outside of the main event scene right now, and it only seems appropriate that they could take their thing to the next level with a win at Summerslam. The Prime Time Players feel like they’re just keeping the belts warm anyway, whilst I doubt anyone would really take Los Matadores or the Lucha Dragons seriously.

MitchellNew Day! These guys are so good. They are exactly where they should be, the gimmick is being played to perfection, the stars are aligned.

Reno: If you’re a fan of video games, go subscribe to Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown channel on YouTube. Oh yeah, about the match, #KofiSkipClap . That’s all I’ve got.


Addie: Pick: Kevin Owens. KO might need a win after the losses to Cena, if only to quiet down the “he’s buried” chatter. This match can’t steal the show, because the show might be theirs to lose already. It’s not the main event, but it’s the most wrestle-ish (what?) match on the card. Make sure you have a full beverage and take a bathroom break before this one, because it’s going to be fantastic. Owens gets the win, and regains his momentum.

Skoyles: My pick: Kevin Owens. I’d put serious money on this being by far the best professional wrestling match on the show this Sunday. That’s of course providing that they’re given enough time to cut loose and show what they’re capable of, though with four hours to fill, there’s really no excuse not to give Owens and Cesaro all the time they need. As for a winner, as impressive as Cesaro has been as of late, it’s fair to say that Kevin Owens win/loss record following his feud with Cena has left a lot to be desired, and a win here could do much to affirm that he’s still a top-level player.

MitchellCesaro. I think a win in this match does nothing for Owens. Cesaro is at a super good point in his career right now, and I think he’s one of the best wrestlers WWE has.

Reno: This screams match of the year. You’re looking at two guys who continue to make a habit of stealing the show. Owens is right up there with Rollins right now as far as heels go. Cesaro has organically become the fan favorite babyface that is “cool” to root for. If this match isn’t worth your $9.99 alone I’ll write you a check. Let’s go with Owens taking this match via pinfall after hitting a handful of pop-up powerbombs. If only we could find someone, anyone, to replace Michael Cole to call this match. Paging Good ol’ JR.


Addie: Pick: Whichever team Becky Lynch is on (PCB). Huge Becky Lynch fan. Sidebar: does she do the walking airplane entrance better than Scott Hall, or no? Anyway, I’m excited for this match, since it might be a multi-Diva match that is actually given some true attention on the show. This will not be a ‘go grab a beer’ segment, which is awesome. It will be interesting to see where the Divas Championship winds up after all of the dust is settled. It could switch Bella’s, or go to one of the NXT call-ups. Fun match.

Skoyles: My pick: Team PCB. I still find it hard to believe that of all the names they could have chosen to replace the inappropriate Submission Sorority gimmick, the best WWE Creative could come up with was Team PCB. Still, I’m picking them to win this nine diva elimination match if for no other reason than it may just provide one of those ‘feel good moments’ for fans who care enough about the Divas renaissance.

MitchellTeam PCB. I think momentum and skill is on their side right now. And without the title on the line there is no need for John Cena’s girl to win this one.

Reno: With Nikki Bella reaching the end of her reign as Divas champion – Team Bella is out. Now, the object of the game is to create a concrete #1 contender as we head into NOC next month. Look for Team PCB to close out the Summer hot with Charlotte getting the pin.


Addie: Pick: The Miz. I think The Miz sneaks out with it in true Miz fashion. Here’s an insane idea: what if Mizdow returns to help Miz win the IC title? What if Miz gets a new stunt double? Adam Riz? Biz Dallas? Sorry, I’ll show myself out. Say what you want about The Miz in the ring (why does he wear kick pads?), but he’s been awesome on the microphone. He’s great in his gimmick, and can get actual heat against pretty much anyone. With recent reports that WWE officials are digging Miz’s work, I think he sneaks away with gold at Summerslam.

Skoyles: My pick: The Miz. I can’t be the only one who sees this triple threat as being little more than a good excuse to throw a couple of guys onto the show. Still, I imagine that if it’s kept pretty short, the Intercontinental Championship match could be fairly enjoyable. As for my prediction, I’m going with Miz. Ryback seems ill-suited to the title, whilst Big Show has never really needed a belt in the first place. Leaving Miz as the winner by process of elimination.

MitchellRyback. As much as I really want the Miz to take this match (and I really, really do) I think that coming off the injury Ryback retains, at least for now.

Reno: I feel like Ryback is the safe choice here. After taking some time off due to a staff infection in his right knee, there’s just no reason to take the title off him right now. He hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire since winning the title but if you take it off him this early he’ll be buried quick. Expect this to be a squash match of sorts. I hope I’m wrong.


Addie: Pick: Amell & Neville. It has to be the celebrity/babyface combo, right? Does Jon Stewart get in the mix? Do we see any hint of Cody Rhodes breaking out of the Stardust gimmick? Is Arrow a good show? I’ll stop asking questions.

Skoyles: My pick: Stephen Amell and Neville. I’ll be honest here, I’m not even sure who Steven Amell is other than he’s on a TV show I’d never even heard of outside of Amell’s association with WWE. My own lack of current pop culture knowledge aside however, I fully expect to see the celebrity and Neville score the win over Stardust and perennial midcarder, King Barrett.

MitchellAmell. Which is a shame because I like Stardust.

Reno: I started to watch Arrow earlier this week on Netflix to do some proper research and see what this Stephen Amell guy is all about. He’s no joke ladies and gentleman. Furthermore, the man is not taking this match, his WWE in-ring debut, lightly. When it comes down to it, this is all about Stardust’s obsession with Amell. Expect some incredible storytelling here and even better wrestling. This match will trend extremely well on social media and will either end with Neville hitting his Red Arrow finisher or Amell introducing a Green Arrow finisher of his own.


Addie: Pick: Orton. I know… why does Randy need to win? Sheamus has the Money in the Bank briefcase, so he kind of matters right now. The reasoning for the Orton pick is simple: every time I cannot find a reason why he should win, he does. So, there. Also, Sheamus trying to cash in? Yikes. Let’s hope when that actually does happen, that they think it through a bit more. Orton with a RKO out of nowhere, for the win.

Skoyles: My pick: Sheamus. Though this one has the potential to be very good, I somehow doubt it will live up to that potential. Instead, expect the same match you’ve from these two countless times in the past, resulting in a win for our current Money in the Bank holder.

MitchellOrton. I would love Sheamus to win this match. I (honestly) like his new look, his new attitude, the whole package is good. I don’t think that the WWE is capable of letting Orton lose here.

Reno: Call me crazy but it seems like creative is struggling to find a way to make Sheamus look strong. Has there ever been a more forgettable MITB briefcase holder? The smart move would’ve been to bring some relevance to the briefcase and actually put it on the line. Instead, we get a match that finds itself lost on this deep card and means absolutely nothing in the big picture. Flip a coin. I’ll take Sheamus winning due to unsavory tactics. NEXT!


Addie: Pick: Wyatt’s. We are likely headed for Reigns vs. Ambrose (and maybe Rollins), so there needs to be conflict set up between the two former Shield-mates. We’ve also heard rumblings of a new Wyatt member, so perhaps that person reveals themselves Sunday.

Skoyles: My pick: The Wyatt Family (via interference). I don’t think this rivalry between two-thirds of The Shield and two-thirds of The Wyatt Family is over yet, not by a long shot. Still, with Rowan still scheduled to sidelined for another couple of months, and with Rollins otherwise engaged, I don’t expect we’ll see a full reunion of either faction any time soon. What I do expect is for both duos to add a new third member to their teams, if only on a short-term basis. At Summerslam then, expect The Wyatt Family to pick up the win thanks to a third man, leading us to Reigns and Ambrose recruiting a partner for an epic showdown at next month’s event.

MitchellWyatt’s. And here is why: Luke Harper. Luke Harper is perfect. Everything about his look, his gator roll, his weird sound effect, his move set, his gross shirt. I’m not sure if he’s the most well thought out character in the WWE or he just puts the most into every detail. Even with the sweet baby face Reigns and the fan favorite Ambrose on the other side of this match, I cannot go against Luke Harper, and by default, am going to have to pick the Wyatt’s to win.

Reno: I was one of those marks who thought Sting would join Reigns and Ambrose to take on Wyatt, Harper and a third member at Summerslam. I was wrong. It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. Were they simply saving Sting to interfere in this match? Or was this match made for other reasons. Could the bosom buddies (Ambrose and Reigns) finally turn on one another, in Brooklyn of all places? Could we even get another surprise appearance from “The Most Electrifying Man in all of Sports Entertainment?” There are so many moving parts involved in this match and I’d be shocked if something shocking doesn’t happen. As far as predictions go – I have no idea. This is one of those programs that isn’t about winners and losers. Just sit back and enjoy.


Addie: Pick: Rollins. Please, please, please let it be Rollins. I am a total mark for the idea of a superstar holding multiple titles at one time, and Seth Rollins would be brilliant at it. The match could end in shady fashion, to prevent either title from exchanging hands, but I really hope it doesn’t. If there’s anyone in the company that can hold two titles at one time, it’s Seth Rollins. If Cena does lose, the US Open Challenge will certainly be missed on RAW each week, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay; not that anyone has asked me.

Skoyles: My pick: No contest. This is one of those matches where the long-time WWE fan boy in me stands at odds with the logical, cynical part of me. If you’ll allow me to just be a fan, I’m rooting for Rollins to pick up the win thanks to shady shenanigans on behalf of The Authority, before going on to continue his reign at the top. As much as I’d love for that to happen, what I’m actually expecting to see is all that aforementioned interference somehow leading to a no contest. Bait, switch, and carry on Monday night as if nothing happened.

MitchellCena. (Boo! Hiss!) All month-long I’ve really thought Rollins was going to take this match, but then at Raw, Rollins had to go ask for a statue at WWE headquarters if he wins. Dooming himself to a close but not quite good enough match.

Reno: This is a match that screams interference more than any of the other 9 matches on this card. After all, history is on the line! Make no mistake about it, John Cena will become a 16-time world champion, he will tie Ric Flair’s record. The only mistake would be for it to happen on Sunday night. With Flair still living and breathing and Triple H in charge, Cena doesn’t get to make history just yet. Both men will defend their respective titles at Night of Champions in Houston. Both men leave Brooklyn the same way they entered.


Addie: Pick: Undertaker. This could go in several different directions, which is great. A ‘Taker the victory here sets up the potential rubber match at WrestleMania. Of course, that match could still take place with a Lesnar victory, with the event being in Undertaker’s backyard – the perfect setting for his eventual conquering of the Beast. Sting was supposed to be at Summerslam, but is missing from the card; could we hear the crow’s cry during this match? Intriguing possibility, but somewhat challenging to involve with this story. The “main event” label is thrown around a lot in wrestling, but this match is a true main event, and I cannot wait.

Skoyles: My pick: Brock Lesnar. I went back and forth on this one several times over. After all, there’s compelling arguments for both men scoring the three count this Sunday. In the Dead Man’s case, it just makes sense that his own particular story would reach its climax with revenge extracted from the man who broke The Streak. As for Lesnar, he’s actually got a lot more to offer WWe at this stage in the game, and a win here would only further cement The Beast’s status as a wrestler on a whole other level. After much thought then, I’m picking the one in 21-1 to repeat his Wrestlemania 30 success.

Mitchell: I don’t want to pick a winner in this match. I don’t want this match to happen. Everything about this match is awful. Once again, the part-time Lesnar is taking a PPV spot from and active roster wrestler, and the once a year wrestler, 80-year-old Taker looks friggin’ awful. Yeah, the build up rumble between these two was the most interesting thing on Raw in a while, but it was still barely enough to keep me watching. Everything about this match is boring me already. Suplex City? I’ve seen it. (Can someone please show Brock how to do any other kind of suplex? There are literally over 30 varieties of suplex. Let’s teach a class, I’ll make him a pamphlet.)  And Undertaker? Come on. When I was a little girl I loved him, he was dark and scary and awesome. Now he looks like my grandfather, I just want to make him a cup of tea. Not even coffee, tea, with honey. No one believes Undertaker can actually beat Brock Lesnar. I don’t even think Undertaker believes it. Taker should retire so we can all remember him as the monster he was, instead of the washed up man he’s becoming.  Since the purpose of this is to pick a winner… Undertaker. Why the hell not?

Reno: What we have here is a main event between two guys who we may not see again until next year. That’s fine, for the simple reason that we know both men will make major waves at WrestleMania 32 regardless of the outcome of this match.

Will Undertaker’s half-brother Kane return to put “The Beast Incarnate” down? That’d be far too predictable, right? Maybe, just maybe, we see heel Taker win this one unclean heading into a true retirement match at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. After all, bringing back The Undertaker at SummerSlam to lose to Brock Lesnar doesn’t make much sense now, does it?  The Undertaker does not, I repeat, does not look like he wants to retire just yet. As a matter of fact, he’s looking far better than he did back in New Orleans, when you could hear a pin drop inside of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome after Lesnar broke the streak; Taker takes this one. Don’t ask me how or why. This is f**king crazy. See you Sunday.

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