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WWE Top 10 Talk Show Takedowns (Video)




Check out the top 10 talk show moments of the last 30 years below.

10. The Dirt Sheet: Brie and Nikki’s catfight

9. nWo Nightcap: Eric Bischoff gets attacked by Diamond Dallas Page

8. Piper’s Pit: The Boogeyman gets hungry on Piper’s Pit

7. A Flair for the Gold: The Shockmaster!

6. Funeral Parlor: Jake the Snake gives Paul Bearer the DDT after trapping the Undertaker

5. Highlight Reel: Jericho smashes HBK’s head into the Jeritron

4. Flower Shop: Adrian Adonis and ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton have their way with Rowdy Roddy Piper in front of the ‘Mouth of the South’.

3. Piper’s Pit: Andre turns on Hogan ahead of WM 3

2. Barber Shop: HBK plays some sweet chin music right on the kisser of Marty Jannetty

1 Piper’s Pit: Roddy Piper busts a coconut over Jimmy Snuka’s head