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WWE Tulsa Live Report (6.4.16)




Thanks to @magiktraveler for this WWE Live report from Tulsa last night. 

Last night, WWE Live came to the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The atmosphere was electric with excitement as many WWE fans came downtown to see their favorites Superstars in action.

There was a booth where people could get their picture taken next to a likeness of Dolph Ziggler in the lobby and there was a lot more merchandise at the merchandise booth this year than at last year’s WWE Smackdown taping.

Byron Saxton opened the show and social media postings of the event were displayed on the screen. The first match opened to Enzo & Cass’s music hitting the arena, followed by thousands of screams. It was fun to see so many people imitating Enzo’s shtick, “My name is Enzo Amore and I am a certified G and a bonafide stud….and you Can’t. Teach. That!!!!”

Their opponents were the Dudley Boys who played their heel role perfectly last night, picking on a child’s sign in the front row. The crowd erupted in cheers when Enzo got the sign and gave it back to him. The match was action packed with lots of back and forth banter. In the end, Enzo & Cass walked away with the victory.

The second match saw one half of the Ascension, Viktor facing off against Jack Swagger. Swagger was the crowd favorite obviously since he’s from Perry, Oklahoma. It was a good, solid match with Swagger having the crowd behind him chanting “We The People.” Swagger pinned Viktor for the victory.

The third match featured Darren Young vs. Apollo Crews. This was an exciting match to watch since the two were so evenly matched. It was a high energy bout from start to finish with Crews throwing in plenty of high-flying moves. Crews pinned Young and afterward, they showed great sportsmanship by shaking hands in the ring.

When the ring announcer was announcing the fourth match, the lights went down and everyone lifted their lights! Erik Rowan and Braun Strowman came down for a tag team match. The crowd’s obvious favorites, Big Show and Kane came down next. It was back and forth action and with the crowd cheering Kane and the Big Show on, The Big Show and Kane won the match.

After the brief intermission, the fifth match; the women’s tag team match was on. It was Lana and Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks with the special referee being Summer Rae. The crowd was on fire for Becky Lynch, but the cheers for Sasha Banks nearly took the roof of the building. It was great to see her back in action! After an exciting match, Banks and Lynch won by submission via the “Banks Statement.”

Up next; the sixth match was for the Tag Team Championship. The crowd exploded as The New Day arrived and delivered a promo that got the crowd to mimic their every word. Their opponents, The Vaudevillains came down to the ring and taunted the Tulsa crowd. The match started off with Xavier Woods playing Francesca II for the crowd. For the majority of the match it was Woods on the New Day side until he tagged in Big E for the win. The New Day retained the WWE Tag Team Championships.

The seventh and final match was the brawl between Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose. Earlier in the night, Owens had cut a promo backstage about finishing off Ambrose. He was interrupted by a call from “his mom,” a fact that the audience wouldn’t soon forget.

The match was a fight pure and simple with Ambrose as the face and Owens as the heel. The crowd was evenly split with chants of “Let’s go Ambrose!” and “Fight Owens Fight!” At one point, it looked like Owens was going to set Ambrose up for the powerbomb, but Ambrose fought out of it. Owens tried to bail on the match, but Ambrose got him back into the ring. Dean Ambrose won the match with his signature “Dirty Deeds” maneuver.

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